10 Lessons That Designers Can Learn From Bad Client Horror Stories

By Kathleen Burns , Sep 5 2014
Horror Stories

Featured Image: Pexels/Elti Meshau

Designers at the beginning of their career are super excited to have any client that they can get a hold of, however this eagerness often leads to them signing up with clients that seem willing to take on an inexperienced designer. Watch out!

These clients like to take advantage of new designers and push them until the designer can’t take it anymore. And what’s worse, if the designer decides to drop the client, they are the ones that end up with the bad rap! There are too many stories where a client proceeded to tarnish the designer’s reputation afterwards.

If you search on the web for bad client horror stories, you’ll find dozens of websites dedicated to the horrors of the job, the terrible demands, and the clients who outright rob you. It’s an awful situation and many beginners still fall for the trap!

The only way to avoid these clients is knowing what to look out for and sadly, that ability comes far too late to stop you from experiencing the situation yourself. My solution is to skip the experience altogether by listing the common occurrences that pop up again and again, and save you the hassle.

Do you have a bad client horror story? 

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