20 Multilingual Typography Designers You Should Know!

We all know that typography is the art of beautifying language and writing it in its best form for learning and recognition. But what result do we get when speakers of multiple languages join this auspicious profession and combine their unique linguistic and aesthetic talents to flaunt to the world?

Research tells us that multilingual speakers exceed monolingual speakers in the total of world’s population. Among the estimated 6000 languages of the world, there are few which serve either as link languages or as vernacular of particular regions. These most common languages include Arabic, Bengali, English, French, Hindi, Malay, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Therefore, when artists, belonging to various cultures, enter the global typography Hall of Fame; we see great concepts, techniques, and lettering being executed; resulting in an unusual yet fabulous display of Multilingual Typography.

If you observe carefully, many of the typographers on this list today, started off as street artists or calligraphers. They are skilled in digital art but have strong roots in the art of tattoo as well. Some of these are highly educated and other – not so much. But when it comes to their creativity and designing, you would have a hard time deciding who surpasses who as the best multilingual artist.

If you want your pool of font resources to never dry up, take inspiration from these amazing typographers!


1. Pascal Zoghbi

Pascal Zoghbi Typography

Heavily involved with the teaching and practice of Arabic type designing and typography, Pascal Zoghbi, co-authored the “Arabic Graffiti” book published in Berlin. His design work consists of creating new Arabic fonts, brand identities, and print publications. He also contributes to the Typographic Matchmaking and Typographic Matchmaking projects organized by The Khatt Foundation.

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