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#WinningWednesday: Create Art That Has No Shame

Vivien Bertin Website | Behance | Pinterest Vivien is a designer based in Paris, France. His work is overloaded with fascinating flawed character designs and gorgeous handwritten typography. It’s difficult to put only one label on his portfolio, but I would say it’s ...

8 Design Tools to Make an Impression This Thanksgiving

Every year as the time of Thanksgiving approaches, we witness a rush of users looking for turkey-basting tips and creative ways to make delicious stuffing and pumpkin pie, so that they can create an impression. Well, this Thanksgiving we are ...

#WinningWednesday: This Animator’s Style Evolution is Inspiring!

You don’t need to struggle in life to become a brilliant artist, but the most amazing perseverance can be found in those artists that stay dedicated to their dreams. Steven Chitty is turning 24 years old this week and he’s ...

Forgiveness Policy

Working as a freelance graphic designer is tough, especially when you have to work on multiple projects at the same time. Mistakes are bound to happen. While stealing of designs is not tolerated at all at ZillionDesigns, instances such as ...

Why World of Warcraft Has a New Logo Every Expansion

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor just had its worldwide release. If you didn’t know much about the World of Warcraft game, it has several million players worldwide, it’s one of the most successful multi-player online games ever, and the ...

#WinningWednesday: Do Guilds Help Designers?

“The day you compromise your vision for the sake of the client’s happiness is the day your vision's color palette becomes gray scale.” – Victor Alonso Victor Alonso Boshuizen Website | Twitter | Behance Victor is extremely active in the local design community ...

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