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Raquel Addams is a professional blogger and graphic design enthusiast who employs a unique combination of journalism, communication design and marketing strategy to help her clients to position and launch their enterprise or start-ups.

Best 20 Graphic Designing Courses From East To West

As times have progressed, so has communication; we are improving and changing our methods of sending out messages, creating advertisements and maintaining a platform to identify and use design as a major tool for moving forward. Graphic ...

7 Cyber Monday Marketing Design Secrets Brands Bank On Every Year

Holidays are all about shopping and gift-giving. In fact, according to a report, more than 55% of the people save their yearly shopping sprees for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is also the time of the year when marketers ...

20 Typography Instagram Accounts To Follow Based On Design Categories

Every design junkie knows typography can make or break your design. And while this provides a pretty solid reason for making typography your thing, let us just admit that playing with letters is also downright addictive once you get the ...

These Spine-Tingling Ad Posters Are Creepier Than Pennywise

Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is busy getting their scariest face out. With all the spook in the air, we thought it would be fitting to provide you guys with some Halloween design inspiration! Check out these ...

7 Disruptive Website Design Technologies

In a trend akin to a nuclear explosion’s mushroom cloud which envelopes the globe, the use of mobile, hand-held devices has permeated the planet seemingly overnight, as an ever growing majority of people use smart phones and tables to browse ...

12 Dream Destinations for Graphics Designers

Life, for a designer, can often become rather hectic, with a rush of projects and oncoming deadlines leaving them gasping for breath. Every design they complete, each new project they undertake, and all the deadlines they miss or meet, make ...

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