Bauhaus: The Silent Design Movement

You may not know them, but they have been embedding design psychology in young minds long before you were born. Many designers across the world may not even be aware of the fact that today the multitude of design ideas, forms and styles that they use are a descendant of the Bauhaus Design Movement.

Bauhaus literally means “house of construction” but one can decipher the term as “school of building”. The influential Bauhaus Design Movement originated from a group of artists during the 20th century whose design ideas proliferated from architecture to interior design to graphic design, and we are not even aware of it.

The key lessons that the Bauhaus inculcated among designers is lifelong and deserves to be mentioned. As you watch the following video you will realize that the Bauhaus artists have built a foundation for designers upon which we today are creating fantastic graphics for brands, offices, buildings and homes. Their concepts for design have revolutionized the way designers come up with ideas, solutions as well as creative approaches to design functionality.

Yet to date we’ve hardly heard about them unless you are a core designer and have been formally introduced about them. The Bauhaus Design Movement may have been silent but we see their design philosophy everywhere.

What do you think about the Bauhaus? Which of the Bauhaus design philosophy have you adopted in your design?


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