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20 Typography Instagram Accounts To Follow Based On Design Categories

Every design junkie knows typography can make or break your design. And while this provides a pretty solid reason for making typography your thing, let us just admit that playing with letters is also downright addictive once you get the ...

20 Free Fonts Typography Lovers Must Have

“The making of letters in every form is for me the purest and the greatest pleasure, and at many stages of my life it was to me what a song is to the singer, a picture to the painter, a ...

15 Novel Typefaces Designed In 2014

Producing a typeface requires not only an abundance of creative energy but also great skill and technique to deliver a unique script family. Thousands of typographers are busy creating a plethora of typefaces and many portfolios stand out. Yet there ...

A Fontastic Story

I bet you’ve never thought your life as a graphic designer anything near adventurous or exciting. Well that’s where you are wrong! “The world is a canvas to the imagination” (Henry David Thoreau) and I say - whether you are ...

Typeface Analysis of the Top 8 Social Media Websites

“Control over typography is not just a basic design necessity, knowing how to treat text as a user interface is the key factor for successful Web design. Successful websites manage to create a simple interface AND a strong identity at ...

5 Typographic Elements that Tickle Your Web Design Funny

Typographic elements are one of the single-most overlooked features of any web design online. Designers usually undermine the influence of typographic elements. Sure they take placement, color, style and font into consideration, but did you all know that typographic elements ...

The Types of Bad Design We Remember The Most

A simple fact about being human: we are ADDICTED to the terrible. I'm not sure what their reasons are, but  some designers forget the vital elements to successful logo design and create these truly offensive mistakes. Many studies have tried to explain this ...

5 Mind-Blowing Typography Experiments by Indian Designers

Designers have so much potential to get creative with typography, but not many go that one step beyond.  When designers do try something a little different with typography, it wows people.  Why?  Because typography experiments require outside-of-the-box thinking in order ...

30 Font Resources for Digital and Print Typography

Font resources are essential for every logo designer, publisher, website maker, etc. A number of professionals work with typography and are constantly on a lookout for better options. There are hundreds of typefaces inspired from various sources and eras. There ...

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