Creative Loading Animations You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off

If your website takes time to load, more than half the visitors will not give you more than 10 seconds. After that the show’s over. You can lose some precious traffic this way. For the visitors who wait while your website loads, they expect the user experience to be worth the wait. If its not, they’ll bounce off too. In this quick process, you can make all these visitors stay if your loading animation has a smart story to it. This is where you can set the standard for the good user experience. Besides that, the loading animations serve the purpose of entertaining the visitors through an otherwise tedious experience. Note that they are commonly applied in flat design, portfolios or one-page sites.

“One of the oldest uses of animation for the web is to distract user from loading times.”

Jerry Cao

Loading The Truck

For a business that deals with logistics or carrier support, this animation can keep the user engaged while the page loads. If you want to achieve a similar output, you should do something with their appearance by adding a small story to the loading animation in order to make it impressive, and attention-grabbing.

loading the truck

Finger Tapping

The design chosen for this animation will make you look twice and once you have realized it’s a hand, it becomes fun to look at the finger tapping. The relaxing and rhythmic movement is a proof of great concept and execution.

finger tapping

Small Planet Airline Preloader

Experience the spin around the world while you are waiting to book your flight. Frequent travelers booking flights online are used to the hassles and pretty much familiar with the sour waiting experiences. However, this attention grabbing animation will draw their focus for at least a few seconds and that’s where Small Planet Airline gets an edge in creating a somewhat less annoying user experience. And that’s definitely a win!

Small Planet Airline Preloader

Bottle Filling

The golden rule of creating great web-based projects that provide online audiences with good user experiences is to not let them wait. However, this is easier said than done in practicality. No matter how much we try to keep the loading time minimal, it is still going to cost some time. The only thing left for us to do is make that time appear as if it’s not being wasted. This can be done by an attention grabbing or simply pretty animation. Take a look at this animation operating in a loop.

bottle filling

The Flaming ‘M’

The subtle changes as the alphabet slowly catches fire is real attention grabber. It looks cool and makes the visitor feel that it was worth the wait. Such animated control elements that try to make the user experience more pleasant and more enjoyable.

flaming M

Eatstreet Loading

This one has 3 icons that acts as a sort of giveaway about the business nature. While this particular animation speaks about food, it is more specific about the type of food they deal in. So what does your core business revolve around? Can you show that via 3 icons? Check out this loading animation that can be tailored to give an overview of your business even before loading.

eatstreet loading

Triangle Spinner

How many colors do you see in this typical spinner? The time it will take to notice that is precisely going to be the loading time and prove me wrong if you think I am the only one who tried to count the colors in this pre-loading animation.

triangle spinner


Don’t you feel like staring at this all day? This particular loading animation does not show exactly how much time you need to wait, but is a basic, wordless indicator. In the absence of this visual treat, waiting for the page to load could have been extremely tedious.


5 Dots

An animation that features funny moving dots that eventually form one clear relatively huge circle will become an ideal match for any website with circular vibe. Note the rearrangements of these 5 dots will get your eyeballs moving. The hypnotic movement keeps the visitor engaged while the website loads.

5 dots

Sync Animation

This is one of a few animations that appears during synchronization process within a music app. This mesmerizing and truly original animation will definitely become a centerpiece of your preloading page if these patterns and rhythmic motions somehow correspond to your web layout. It is well-suited for enigmatic projects, websites with music theme and technical projects.

sync animation

Sushi Action

We can create various intro animations that should accompany page appearance thereby enriching user experience. This one is slightly different than the rest for it does not include the usual fade-out effect or slide effect instead it focuses on shape-shifting icons that knit a small story. Indeed an awesome treat to watch!

suchi action

Note Loader

With a pencil or pen in your hand, this is exactly what you will do while waiting. In is an example where the visitor feels delighted by having a sense of connection watching this animation.

note loader

We have listed a few examples of creative preloaders but you can customize them according to your website project and requirements. Hope you enjoyed the animations. Let us know if you tried one on your website.

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My spirit lies in the distant past that I never saw with my own eyes but wish to reveal it to the world there is wisdom in the old adage. My heart lies in a future that is filled with imaginative art, technological advancements and scientific discovery in tomorrow-land. In my present, I want to bring about positive change through simple innovative ideas for businesses, brands, visual graphic designers and the world community at large.

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