A Grand Old Flag – Origins of the Modern US Flag

I’m told that the United States of America is unique because we are insanely proud of our flag, and you can find it at any time of year, in any size, and at almost every type of store you can think of. No other country has as much pride and flag-waving notoriety than us, and most of the internet has learned how to deal with our patriotic posts during July 4th, the US Independence Day.

Every year, Americans dress up in flag-branded gear, host cookouts for families and friends, and watch fireworks shows in honor of the 4th. However, despite how much patriotism the US shows, most of the country know very little about the history of their flag besides the rumor that Betsy Ross sewed the first one.

There are a surprising amount of design changes the US flag has gone through in our short history as a country, and sometimes the design choices were a little… odd.

If you like trivia, or knowledge in general about the history of our country, read through this infographic! You’ll come away with more knowledge about the grand old flag than everyone else in the country.


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