Mobile App Design- It’s the Rule of Thumbs!

The thumb is the ruling champion when it comes to touch design, and how your customers hold their phones has a huge impact on the design for the mobile app. In earlier posts, we’ve revealed tips for designing masterpiece app icons, and today I want to touch on the practical information about designing for mobile apps. Be thumb-friendly!

It’s true that designing for touch has evolved rapidly, and users are more comfortable than ever with how they hold their mobile, but don’t be lured into a false sense of security that you can design your mobile apps however you would like! Your thumb is still the most comfortable finger to use based on hand position, physical limitations, and convenience.

Bonus tip: You do need to consider the size of the thumb, but don’t make the elements of a user interface large and chunky. Stay visually attractive with clean design to get customers to download your app.

The following infographic will explain why the thumb is the most widely used finger than any other:

Infographic - Mobile App Design: It's the Rule of Thumbs

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