The Young and Restless: A Random Occurrence in the Web Design Field

Trrrrrrrrrng! 7 a.m. Trrrrrrrrrng! Trrrrrrrrrng! It’s the dreaded alarm. “Oh no, I don’t want to wake up now.” Bleary eyed, she reaches to snooze it. Slowly, she turns to lie on her back, and open her eyes. It’s still dark inside because her curtains are drawn, but she could see the flickering of disco lights on her ceiling, a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors, resembling the stars in the sky and in her eyes whenever she thinks of what lies ahead.

Another day, another morning of drudgery but she has tremendous hopes; it will be a fruitful day. After all, she has a project deadline to meet. The project in question has nothing to do with web design; it’s an English literature drama script that she has to edit and submit today. Snap! She’s out of bed, brushed her teeth, changed, and walked out of the door without breakfast, ready to take on the world.

She’s Sreelakshmi Suresh, youngest designer according to American Association of Webmasters, second to only I think Ben Bate who is a 15 year old designer. Why am I after her case? Not really, actually. After my rants about her in my previous post I had time to reconsider: maybe, just maybe, she’s worth discovering after all. So what do I do? I send her an email, invite her for a Skype interview, and voila! we get to know more about this brilliant protégé.

Born to Suresh Menon and Viju Suresh, Sreelakshmi was (and is) a geek through and through, in a positive way of course. She got into computers at the age of 4, designed her school’s website by the age of 8, and launched a design company by the age of 10. From there on, her journey has been a series of triumphs.

She is indeed a random occurrence as well as a professional in her field. Not all in awe of her, mind you, but for someone so young to manage a balance between studies and a career, is deserving of admiration.

Don’t trust my word for it though, watch this video for yourself.

UPDATE: Video Transcript

Actually, our school begins from 8 in the morning till 3 in the evening, so after that I try to complete my work within 2 to 3 hours, the work for school.

That is I think maybe impatience, because when I start work, I want to complete it and give the result immediately.

My current role model is none other than Mr. Bill Gates, because he’s the one who made computers so familiar among the people.

As a student I think when I get good marks in exams and as a professional when my customers are satisfied with the work that I’m doing.'

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