How to Make a Web 2.0 Play Button in Adobe Illustrator

If you come across a client that needs buttons, you need to know how to make the basic button shapes like round buttons, rectangles, squares, pentagons, and whatever else your client requires for their project.

This tutorial helps you design an icon you see on the web every day, the round play button! I know, it looks simple. Trust me, it takes a lot of layers to make! If you haven’t made 3D objects before, it is best to start with a simple shape like a circle and go from there.

Now it’s time to create a three-dimensional object from a two-dimensional shape!

Flat design is the largest trend in icon and button design lately, and the pressure is on to go flat. We’re not saying you should cave to design trends, and we’re all for you staying true to your own style and flair, but know that it’s hard to resist switching from 3D. The process is easier without nearly as many layers and as I said, it’s popular.

Have you designed something in 3D for a client recently? Let us know in the comments or on twitter @ZillionDesigns!

Kathleen Burns

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