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Anti-Obama T-shirt design

Design an Anti-Obama T-shirt

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Creative Brief

Anti-Obama T-shirt design

Design an Anti-Obama T-shirt


T-shirt design needed portraying opposition/dislike for Barack Obama geared towards the 2012 Election. The design can display his name, likeness, any relevant taglines or slogans- or create your own. Content should be kept light, in good taste, can have a degree of humor/playfulness, but should not be vulgar or profane. We are looking for a unique, creative, fashion-forward design that strongly & clearly expresses the notion of opposing Obama for re-election. Your design should be original (and can span any style, such as illustration, purely graphic, abstract etc.) and not look like other Obama T-shirts you’ve seen on the market. Think in the mind of the T-shirt buyer – if you were shopping for an Anti-Obama T-shirt, what would make you pull the trigger and buy?


Fun retail/consumer audience focus. Audience consists of politically minded folks (focused on ages 18-34) who strive to be distinctive with unique and expressive apparel choices.

• Design should be within a 10” x 10” frame (2000 pixels at 200 DPI x 2000 pixels at 200 DPI)
• T-shirt can have as many colors per your designer’s eye.
• Copy can include anti-Obama slogans or quotes (or no copy at all). Get creative.
• Design should be impactful, colorful, unique and fun.
• Design should be versatile to be able to be printed on light colors (white, light blue) as well as dark colors (black, red & more).
• Please do not use photography (unless you own it/took the photos yourself).
• No use of any content owned or controlled by a third party.
• No profanity, vulgar, hate language or graphically violent images.