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Logo for Law Firm

Weires Neuman pllc

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A Logo, Monogram, or Icon
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Creative Brief

Logo for Law Firm

Weires Neuman pllc


Our law firm is made up of 4 very dynamic and energetic younger attorneys (ages 35-42). We all come from a very large firm and are used to conveying power, prestige and results to our executive clients. We would like our logo to be bold, clean, and contemporary/modern to reflect our desire to shape the law firm of tomorrow. We do not want the traditional legal feel (i.e. we can do without the scales of justice). We will likely incorporate this logo on translucent or clear business cards or other cutting edge stationary. We want clients to be impressed and remember us when they receive our cards and/or brochures.


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I'm no graphic artist, so please excuse the amateurish job. I quickly did a logo in PS that may be closer to what we're looking for. Abstract, geometric, colorful, clean. Perhaps others can expand on this concept with the correct fonts, and better artwork, etc.

Here is another variation. Again, I do not have good fonts, or the ability to make nice separator lines between logo and name/tagline. Thus, there is a lot of room for improvement to makes these more professional looking. Also, feel free to come up with other abstract shapes/designs for the artwork.

This is the logo artwork that we had been designing on our own and have now decided to use. We now just need vertical and horizontal representations with the Weires Neuman text and Attorneys at Law tag line.

We need variations of horizontal and vertical representations. Here is our suggestion, but again, our fonts are limited and we do not have current fonts. We like the main font in #76 for Weires Neuman, but would prefer a modified Arial (or similar) for the attorneys at law tagline. Please show us your ideas for how you would represent the text portion of our logo.