These Spine-Tingling Ad Posters Are Creepier Than Pennywise

By Raquel Addams , Oct 11 2017

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Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is busy getting their scariest face out. With all the spook in the air, we thought it would be fitting to provide you guys with some Halloween design inspiration! Check out these Halloween ad campaigns that are sure to give you the run for the hills – if not, then you’re a pretty tough nut to crack!

1. McDonald’s

Partying at the Big M on the night of Halloween is not only your favorite – you might catch the Grimm Reaper in the stalls too. With this chilling theme, McDonald’s makes itself relevant on one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States.


Image sources. Come as You Are ; Zu Halloween Muss

2. M&M’s

Everybody loves M&M’s – they are the favorite treats for the trick or treating bag. With this ad campaign, they manage to keep the chilling effect while still retaining friendliness for its child-audience. And the best part is the dynamic nature of these posters –you can make so many Halloween images with the use of black and red M&M’s!

Image Source:

3. Oreo

These Oreo posters are witty and scary at the same time! We bet you didn’t know Dracula loved to dip his Oreo in milk too!


Image Sources: Witch Boots ; Oreos Fangs

4. Burger King

Halloween is about partying –so we can’t forget the food ever, right?! Burger King makes sure you don’t forget the Whopper – it is the stuff your nightmares are made up of. There’s no way you can forget! The black bun makes you recoil with disgust but the absolutely juicy and yummy look of the fillings makes you want to dive right in. The tension in the poster is what makes it win!

Burger King
Image Source:

5. Queen Anne Hotel

The spooky use of gray in this poster gives you all the right chills. It is mysterious, inviting yet horrific. So will you dare to stay? We bet you won’t be able to take this poster out of your head once you check in the room!

Queen Anne Hotel
Image Source:

6. Hovis Seed Sensation

Pumpkin seeds in organic bread are the rage these days. And Hovis makes sure you don’t forget the reference! And while there are many Halloween ads with pumpkins, the unique reference to pumpkin seeds is what makes this poster different.

Hovis Seed Sensation

Image Source

7. Budweiser

Black and red give an eerie, scary feeling to this Budweiser poster. The sharp highlights and the distinct shadows add to the horror of the image.

Image Source:

8. Budweiser Vintage

Vintage Halloween ads are made of gold. Full of wit, pun, and scare, they provide the perfect advertisement mixture. When was the last time you saw horror inserted in a domestic setting in such a natural way?! The poster also gives the perfect holiday vibes.

Budweiser Vintage
Image Source:

9. Heineken Beer

Heineken likes to advertise itself as the most sought-after beer during Halloween. These posters are absolutely chilling and scary, and make a great point; even the horror figures of your deadliest nightmares can’t resist Heineken. They are sure to be drinking up with you on the night of October 31st!

Heineken Beer

Image source

10. Advertising Studios

According to research, a viewer only focuses on an ad or a billboard for a maximum of 30 seconds. Advertising professionals need to make a point in these 30 seconds, or the chance is lost. This US-based advertising studio makes a case for itself in the wittiest of the ways! They sure nailed the point!

Advertising Studios

Image source

11. Guinness

Here is another beer ad with a spine-tingling effect. The monochrome is what brings out the grimness of the image.


12. Dr. Walter Moretto

We love this poster because it is not by any business from the consumer industry, instead it’s from a dentist’s ad campaign! Going to the dentist is scary enough on its own, but this image just seals the deal!

Dr. Walter Moretto
Image Source:

13. Pizza Hut

Everyone love’s Pizza Hut’s stretchy cheese. But now, you will also start seeing ghoulish faces in it!

Pizza Hut

Image source

14. Baygon

Baygon is a famous insect killer, and they make an amazing point in this poster. Not only will this stuff kill your insects, but your favorite superhero may not stand the chance either! Not to mention the fact that the poster has an absolutely creepy feeling!


Image source

15. Hovis

Here is another witty poster from Hovis. The red, red jam is from their bakery – or is it? We leave you to wonder!

Image Source:

These were some of our top picks for the most chilling ads. Did they inspire you for some horror-ridden posters?

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