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13 Fabulous Book Cover Designers from USA

By Janil Jean , Jul 22 2014
All of us are taught not to judge a book by its cover, isn’t it? Yet most of us are guilty of doing just that in real life. ...
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16 Outstanding Designers from the United Kingdom and France

By Kathleen Burns , Jul 10 2014
What I love most about these age-old countries is the long and complicated history they have with one another, and how their attitudes have shifted and changed over ...
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12 Graphic Designers Specializing in Fashion and Recreation Industry!

By Janil Jean , Jul 7 2014
Ever gone nutty over a new fashion brand or drooled over the images of the latest fashion week? You must have, if you are a fashion savvy person ...
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30 Incredible Women Designers from the World of FIFA!

By Janil Jean , Jun 23 2014
As every fan’s heart throbs to know the future of FIFA World Cup; our eyes are glued to the screens to watch closely every match, every goal, every ...
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12 Graphic Design Heroes from the Land of Hope, Indonesia!

By Janil Jean , Jun 10 2014
It is no secret that Asia has an abundance of extremely brilliant creatives. Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Japanese cultures, especially, have contributed a lot in the success of ...
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Top 20 Designer Portfolios from the State of New York!

By Janil Jean , May 26 2014
New York is the city of dreamers, a city of hope, and promise in the United States. It is also the 27th most extensive and seventh most populated ...
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Buddhist Symbolism in Art & Design – Wesak Day 2014!

By Janil Jean , May 13 2014
Ever seen those Hollywood martial art flicks where you see Buddhist monks trying to teach a geeky American some karate stuff? Or, the Chinese/Indonesian movies based on Kung ...
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12 Malaysian Graphic & Logo Designers with Promising Portfolios

By Janil Jean , May 6 2014
Graphic design is a rising enterprise in most parts of the world. With loads of multilingual typography designers emerging, we have but an abundance of skilled artists who ...
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20 Multilingual Typography Designers You Should Know!

By Janil Jean , Mar 20 2014
We all know that typography is the art of beautifying language and writing it in its best form for learning and recognition. But what result do we get ...
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5 Mind-Blowing Typography Experiments by Indian Designers

By Sarah Irgang , Jan 30 2014
Designers have so much potential to get creative with typography, but not many go that one step beyond.  When designers do try something a little different with typography, ...
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