10 Quotes to Inspire Graphic Designers in 2015

By Kathleen Burns , Jan 7 2015

Working in a career that asks you to consistently be creative is a difficult task that designers struggle with all the time. Some months produce a river of ideas that seem to flow one after another while other months the well where you fetched your ideas runs dry. Whether you are working with branding, illustration or publication, you will seek inspiration to fill that dry well of ideas.

From peer portfolios to motivational posters, designers look at everything to find what will spark a new idea. With the slow season in full swing, we’re concerned about how to keep you motivated! And while it’s not a direct source of new ideas, quotes to inspire you or a keen insight will give you a new perspective and suddenly – you have an idea.

Here are a few of our favorite quotes to inspire you in the new year.

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Kathleen is a New Jersey blogger with an interest in brand design and a passion for graphic design, illustration, and social media. She loves to deliver inspiration to others to give them the means to achieve their branding and design goals.

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