The Web Design Zeitgeist: The Past, Present and Future Trends…

By Janil Jean , Feb 28 2014
Web Design

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Web designing, like all other design related fields, is ever capricious and subject to constant innovations. New designs come in and the previous ones go out making way for the more improvised and fancy ones.

Gone are the days when these designs were mere lists of blue links on the white background pages. For now, the glory days of the modernization of these designs are here. Each new year brings with itself new and evolved design trends owing to the changes in technology and the improvements in the designing skills.

The infographic below, created by, illustrates an overview of the past, present, and future of web design through the various years since it first came into vogue. The infographic provides a history of web design and web development process from the creation of HTML and the introduction of CSS and flash-based websites to the present-day web designs, such as the mobile friendly websites and responsive designs.

Past, Present, and Future of Web Design Infographic
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