#WinningWednesday: A Designer of Red Passion

By Kathleen Burns , Jul 16 2014
red passion

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“Artists can color the sky red because they know it’s blue. Those of us who aren’t artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we’re stupid.” -Jules Feiffer

Sunita SharmaAn artist is a passionate soul with a deep love of life, their family, and the world around them. They bring richness to the world that others are unable to, and do so because they want to bring to life what they observe. Sunita Sharma knows this to be true. She brings careful thought and care for her designs, along with her inspiration and a passion that can’t be matched. All of her work leaves an impact on her in one way or another.

Red is a powerful and vibrant color, full of emotion and meaning. It’s fitting to attribute red to Sunita- its her favorite color to design with! To her, adding a splash of red makes an impact on design and brings a touch of passion to projects that seem to be lacking something interesting.

funny fricks logo design by Sunita SharmaHowever, red is a strong color, and too much of it can be detrimental to a design. Like the color red, Sunita’s passion can become too strong, and her project becomes fueled by her inspiration, and she must work until it’s finished.

Recently, a passion project of hers took her over. She started the project after only ten minutes of glancing over the succinct brief and she created the winning logo for Funny Fricks!

It’s not enough to say that Sunita is a designer of merit. She often has an impressive list of projects to do every week and finds that her biggest challenge is contacting people to turn down work. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to work, but she feels that time is never on her side. She works around her family’s schedule, and they come first, especially her young daughter.

With God and her family guiding her hands, she finds inspiration quickly, and concepts, shapes, and ideas start emerging from her mind. But if she feels she won’t enjoy the project, she skips it and moves on.

Like all artists, Sunita Sharma feels every piece she completes on ZillionDesigns must give her creative self some satisfaction whether she wins or loses.

She finds she is at peace with her world when she is designing. To her, a designer must have a thirst for exploring the world, and have a lack of fear about what comes next. There are always more skills to learn in the ever-changing design industry.

I would advise designers to be creative and genuine,” Sunita says. That’s the only way to stay passionate about your work. Stay true to yourself!

Disclaimer: Art works by Sunita Sharma; ZillionDesigns does not own any images in this post. 

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