#WinningWednesday! Designers & the Digital Age

By Kathleen Burns , Dec 25 2014
Designers & the Digital Age

Featured Image: Unplash/NASA

Our Winning Wednesday series is all about featuring exceptional designers who have works that caught our eye in some way and our desire to share their work to the rest of the design community. We love to share the wisdom of experienced designers currently working in the field and whatever advice they feel will help you.

Check out our roundup of the most interesting designers we’ve found lately that bring something unique, and what it was like to transition to the digital age!

What advice would you give new designers entering the field?

Roberto Blake


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Roberto is extremely upfront with his ambition; he wants to become a thought leader in the design industry. To do that, he’s worked hard to constantly improve his skills and connect to the community by reaching out to them through blogging, social media, and YouTube.

Michelle Lin

Michelle Lin

Website | Portfolio | LinkedIn | Twitter

Competition in the industry is difficult for beginners and most studios prefer someone who can dive into a project with little training.

Michelle knew she had to continue building her skills despite having graduated from school. Improving her design and painting skills became a top priority and she took a year of classes as she freelanced to help develop those skills further.

Martina Flor


Website | Instagram | Twitter | Letter Collections

Martina has enormous skill in typography and lettering design that calls the attention of several big names in the marketing and design industry.

Her work showcases why her clients come to her – many have noticed her beautiful work. She’s worked with clients such as Etsy, The Washington Post, Esquire, Moleskin, Pinterest, and many more. She is a woman of hard work and integrity to produce nothing less than the best!

Tom Lane


Website | Twitter | Facebook | Behance

From packaging designs to playful typographic posters, Tom has an extensive career during the last ten years working with big clients from companies such as Nike air, Coco-Cola, Sony Ericsson, and more!

Tom is the type of designer that everyone would love to have as a friend as well as a fantastic artist to collaborating with. Not only is he hardworking and produces gorgeous work, he’s also very humble about his origins and how he came to be where he is today.

Victor Alonso Boshuizen

Victor Alonso (Revised)

Website | Twitter | Behance

Victor is extremely active in the local design community and is a member of the Philadelphia chapter of AIGA since 2007 and the ALPFA Philadelphia chapter since 2011. He went to the Art Institute of Chicago on merit scholarship and won several ‘Best of Quarter’ awards and he currently attends the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

He’s the CEO of his own design company too! Victor believes the guilds have guided his career in the most successful direction.

Steven Chitty

Steven Chitty, animator

Deviantart | Facebook | Twitter

Steven found his passion to animate back in high school and when a friend gave him a flash animation program for his birthday, Steven found what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He wanted to be an animator!

Steven has already worked on an award-winning short film. He has faced many ups and downs in the last two years, but he has finally started the animation production studio of his dreams.

Vivien Bertin

Vivien Bertin

Vivien is a designer that inspires you with his elegant hand lettered logotypes that are as original as they are diverse! He is a graphic designer at Caribara and a graphic designer at the FADA webzine, so he’s particularly skilled at balancing layouts with images and typography.

In illustration, Vivien is cares little of portraying beautiful characters. His designs are realistic with pot bellies, red faces, bulbous noses, and more!

Tom Anders Watkins

Tom Anders Watkins

Website | Behance | Twitter

Take risks and conquer your fears and people will take notice of you and your work. Tom Anders Watkins is only 19 years old, but his work has been recognized by Adobe, featured on CreativeBloq, GraphicDesign.com, and Behance!

Tom often spends his nights and weekends working on new design products instead of going out and partying like the typical college student. His dedication to improving his creative abilities has helped him manage a successful side business to pay for furthering his education.

Nicholas Ely

Nicholas Ely

Website | Linkedin | Twitter | Instagram | Behance

Nicholas Ely fell into a career in graphic design while he worked in theater after school. It was a hobby – he didn’t have a solid plan after graduation. But designing posters for theater shows aided Nicholas to find his true passion; designing posters and other promotional material in the design industry.

Boy Bastiaens

Photo Boy Bastiiaens

Website | Behance | Pinterest | Linkedin

Boy Bastiaens lives in Maastricht, in the very southern part of the Netherlands, close to the borders of Belgium and Germany. From out of his little studio, he creates identities on a variety of national and international projects. In his spare time for fun, he likes to work as a guest lecturer in the Master of Architecture and the Interdisciplinary Arts in his hometown.

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