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Last Longer Poker logo

Last Longer Poker

Contest Holder pattytill

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Project: Last Longer Poker logo
Industry: Gambling Logo
Contest Launched: May 23, 2011
Selected: 1 winning design from 116 concepts
Winning Design by: kotakdesign
Close Date: Jun 5, 2011

Last Longer Poker logo - Gambling Logo

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Last Longer Poker A Logo, Monogram, or Icon  Draft # 49 by drisos


Last Longer Poker A Logo, Monogram, or Icon  Draft # 101 by drisos


Last Longer Poker A Logo, Monogram, or Icon  Draft # 100 by drisos


Last Longer Poker A Logo, Monogram, or Icon  Draft # 99 by drisos


Last Longer Poker A Logo, Monogram, or Icon  Draft # 54 by Dylan

Creative Brief

Last Longer Poker logo

Last Longer Poker


This logo is for a non- gambling poker website/organization. The organization is comprised of a wide variety of poker players from professionals to novice players. The website will provide members with key information on local and national level poker events, and provide group rates at these events for such things as lodging and travel. Also, it will host forums to provide training and the sharing of ideas among members. It was formed to provide poker players with a group voice and allow them to gain the power of numbers to use as leverage with casinos and other poker venues, thus providing discounts and special priveleges. The term "last longer" in the company name is designed to convey several things. A last longer bet in tournament poker is a side, or prop bet among a group of poker players that is in addition to the entry. They are each putting up a set amount of money, say $100 dollars, stating they will be the last one of the group left in the tournament, ie, the last man standing. The player that lasts the longest gets that side money. By using the name last longer poker, we also want to convey to members, that being part of this organization will do the following - help them learn to last longer in tournaments, help their poker bankroll last longer by affording them key group discounts in all areas, and finally help them build a network of poker friends and contacts that will last longer than those of the standard poker player out there on their own without this kind of support.




Abstract Mark

Abstract Mark

Industry Oriented

The group of colors in the Google Web 2.0 example happen to contain several of the colors of actual tournament poker chips and look pleasing together, so they might be a good group to use, but we are open to any colors that would look good on either black, white or royal blue clothing. Keeping it authentic WSOP poker chip colors would be a plus........


Again, the design must contain the name and include stacks of chips, and the chips need to be at various levels and multidimensional to avoid looking like a graph. A VERY rough picture of our basic idea will be scanned and included, but it is by a non-artist so will need lots of expanding...........

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  • June 5, 2011 2:56 AM
    avatar pattytill
    Project Holder
    Thank you all for participating! All the designs were amazing!

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  • May 29, 2011 6:39 AM
    avatar pattytill
    Project Holder
    I'll probably be extenting the contest due to the holiday to allow the last revisions to be made........thanks for all the great submissions and Happy Memorial Day!!!

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  • May 28, 2011 1:12 AM
    kotakdesign kotakdesign
    Dear Dylan,
    concept comes from the CH, this is clearly in the attached files. after that we are developing themselves.

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