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Contests Ending  Concepts Prize
Business Cards and Stationery
Business Cards Arturo Porteny Veiled Contest
12 days
18 hrs
126 $75 Guaranteed
Logo for vacation rental company management
Newport Getaways Veiled Contest
6 days
3 hrs
28 $199
Modern Logo for a Smoke Shop
Nick's Smoke Shop Veiled Contest
5 days
20 hrs
89 $400
new residential subdivision with middle class homes
Highland Park Veiled Contest
5 days
13 hrs
105 $200
furniture store
urban Veiled Contest
4 days
9 hrs
202 $199
Modern design for an air conditioning service and installation company
BennoAir Veiled Contest
4 days
9 hrs
87 $200
4 days
1 hr
235 $250 Guaranteed
Logo for a Consulting Company focused in Automotive Retail, Service, and Finance
Full Deck Automotive Solutions Veiled Contest
3 days
16 hrs
53 $250 Guaranteed
Private Contest
Login to view... Private Contest Veiled Contest
3 days
7 hrs
213 $100 Guaranteed
Logo to represent challenging and changing traditional construction methods
TAKT Consultancy Limited Veiled Contest
2 days
15 hrs
491 $650
Logo for Hawaii baseball league (Called "Hawaii Baseball Association")
Hawaii Baseball Association and/or HiBA Veiled Contest
2 days
7 hrs
127 $200 Guaranteed
Child flower box design
Enchanted Roses Wish Veiled Contest
2 days
4 hrs
29 $350
Logo for recreational ski company
Slope Expedite Contest Veiled Contest
1 day
19 hrs
126 $200 Guaranteed
branding for water/fire clean up co.
RestoreHampton Veiled Contest
Jun 16, 2018 20 $350

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