Which Graphic Design Career Suits You?

By Janil Jean , Nov 14 2014

Graphic designers can blend lettering and images to create visually powerful concepts and communicate intricate ideas. They can use their skill sets for advertisements, campaign designs, product packaging design and much more. If you are an aspiring graphic designer, you can start with basic sketching skills and learn how to manipulate design software. While the ability to solve problems and communicate effectively will come in handy, creativity is a must. Some people start their career with a degree in design or after getting some internship experience.

As a graphic designer your work includes discussing projects with the clients, creating concept drafts, getting feedback and then finalizing the design.  You will also need working knowledge of desktop design software such as Illustrator, and image editing software like Photoshop. A few more skills will vary according to the job you have applied for.

You must also note that a designers’ best friend is his/her portfolio whether on job or freelancing.  Create an attractive portfolio to hook in clients or impress employers, and you will be guaranteed of a job.

Graphic designers today can earn anything from $36,000 to $100,000+ annually, based on your skills and niche. Are you set on a career in graphic design then? Here are the prospects:

Which Graphic Design Career Suits You?

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