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How a Design Contest Works

No more long waits, no more juggling with graphic designers. Crowdsourcing your design contest takes only a few clicks on ZillionDesigns. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Select a Service

Launch a design contest by selecting a service specific to your needs whether it be a logo or monogram design, business card, stationery, marketing material or website design. Or you can pick a package bundle which suits your complete branding needs.

Step 2: Name a Prize

Enter a winning prize amount that you'd like to award to the winning graphic designer(s) and which fits your budget. The more the prize amount, the more design concepts you'll receive. Here's an example of how prize amount works.

Winning Prize
Processing Fee
$39.80 (20% of prize amount)
You Pay
$238.80 + any upgrades added

Step 3: Write a Creative Brief

Then fill out the creative brief with your branding requirements including your ideas, preferences, style and examples. Be sure to give your company information as well as product/service details to guide your designer. Your design contest starts when you complete your creative brief.

Step 4: Give Feedback

Within 24 hours of starting a contest, design concepts start to roll in. Give feedback to graphic designers by giving star rating, thumbs up, remove or comment. This will help them know exactly what you're looking for and improve on design drafts tailored to your comments.

Step 5: Pick a Winning Design

A typical design contest runs for 7 days unless you expedite or extend it. You must select and finalize the winning design during this period or by the end of it. We will then notify the winning designer to prepare final files of your chosen design, and send over for quality control check. Once we're satisfied with the quality, we send the files to you via email.