Congratulations to Our Dubai 2020 Logo Unofficial Contest Winner!

By Sarah Irgang , Jan 8 2014
Contest Winner

Featured Image: Unsplash/rawpixel

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in this fun and exciting contest.  There were so many spectacular designs, and choosing our favorites was no easy task!

And now, a big round of applause to bikers!  Congratulations on your winning design!

We spoke with bikers and asked him a few questions:

Q:  What made you sign up for this contest in the first place?

A:  It was the honor and pride of my logo design being selected as the winner that persuaded me to sign up for this contest.

Q:  What was it like creating your design? Were you inspired by anything?

A:  The main thing that inspired me in creating the design was the original Expo 2020 logo.

Q:  How do you feel knowing your design was selected? Did you expect it to be chosen?

A:  I feel happy and thankful for this blessing and inspired to continue joining other logo contests.  My expectations of being named the winner rose with the percentage of votes that I got.  The rest was luck.

Q:  Any additional comments?

A:  Thank you very much to all who voted for my design, and to ZillionDesigns for putting up this competition.

And a big thank you to you, bikers, and everyone who supported this amazing contest!  Stay tuned for future contests and happenings at ZillionDesigns!

About The Author

Sarah Irgang is excited to be working for ZillionDesigns as a marketing coordinator. She enjoys discussing about design and the design industry, watching television, and sketching with her Wacom Bamboo tablet.

8 thoughts on “Congratulations to Our Dubai 2020 Logo Unofficial Contest Winner!

  1. Skovran says:

    Begging for votes is no luck, but congrats anyway I voted for you!

    1. bikers says:

      Thanks for voting Skovran 🙂

  2. bazarachid says:

    No comment !!!

    1. bikers says:

      Thanks bazarachild, congratulations for winning the mikshati contest.
      I also entered that one but you are more deserving, Great design.

  3. zumorto says:

    Begging for comments or not. He still deserves to win. Best design on the competition. No Doubt.

    1. bikers says:

      Thank you very much for a positive comment zumorto. Good luck to your other competition entered 🙂

  4. zumorto says:

    votes i mean 🙂

  5. bazarachid says:

    Bike,If your design 100% I congratulate you with great sportsmanship, but unfortunately you hack my idea.

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