According to Social Science Research Network, 65% of all learners are visual. This means they rely on visual content to learn about an array of subjects whether it’s quantitative data, theory or technical methods. So find informative tutorials, slides and videos on graphic design and web design in our multimedia archive.

Design Tutorials

There may be a lot graphic design courses around the world, but how many of you have the time to attend classes or to sit through a lecture? Not many. So savor our collection of graphic design tutorials for free. Find tutorials for both professionals and beginners by design influencers. Discover a variety of graphic design tutorials for diverse software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premier Pro. In this section, we share videos from design mentors or content inspired by graphic and web design leaders.

Slides for Designers

Sail through a multitude of slides on many interesting and exciting topics relating to graphic design, designers, branding, search engine optimization, logo design and a lot more waiting for you to discover. Become the pirate and steal great tips from our slides filled with practical tips.

Graphic Design Videos

Sightseeing for fun-filled content to learn design? Stop by our animated videos to learn and have fun simultaneously. Our gallery of design videos contain educational material for both designers and business persons to know about designer problems, art and design movements, logo designing and famous logos etc.

These visual resources are a great way to learn yourself, and share engaging content with friends and colleagues so they’re too geared with unique and bite-sized statistics and deets. The great thing about visuals it that our brain processes graphs, object, colors, typography, and images 60,000 times faster. If you’re looking for visual notes, then this is the place for you.