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Continuing Professional Development Seminars

Brochure Template

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Project: Continuing Professional Development Seminars
Industry: Law
Contest Launched: Aug 30, 2011
Selected: 1 winning design from 42 concepts
Winning Design by: descom3
Close Date: Sep 9, 2011

Continuing Professional Development Seminars - Law

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Creative Brief

Continuing Professional Development Seminars

Brochure Template

We require a design for a template for our marketing brochures. We will need to be able to edit the content of the template with Adobe InDesign.


Professional - Lawyers. CPDS provides legal training and education seminar for lawyers.

CPDS organises and presents regular legal professional seminars throughout Australia. Our marketing is heavily based on direct mail. When we schedule our seminars we design and print brochures and send them to all lawyers that are close to the location of the seminars.

The brochures contain information that relates to the specific seminars that are scheduled. Therefore, the content is tailored specifically to the events that each brochure advertises.

We currently use a brochure template that accommodates four individual seminars. We have used this template for the past couple of years and would like to update/improve the design.

I will upload several PDF examples of the template we currently use, but do not feel constrained by this. We are looking for some imagination and new ideas. However, it will still need to have the following elements:

1. The brochure size needs to be as follows (note – this is the equivalent of a normal DL sized brochure but double size – instead of 3 panels, each side has 6)
• Width – 599 mm
• Height – 214 mm
• Pages – two (front and back)
• Panels – 12 (6 front and 6 back)
2. The front panel needs to have the following:
• Our logo
• The titles of each of the four events
• The location and date of the seminars (Month/Year is sufficient)
3. The design of the balance of the brochure does not need to have any other specific requirements. However, it must contain the content to advertise each event as well as a registration form and the additional information that is contained in our existing brochures.

I would not be too concerned with the actual content. The design for the front panel is the most important element. Also, we need a complementary graphical design/layout for the rest of the brochure. This includes a consistent layout, fonts and other graphical elements.

One thing to keep in mind is that the layout should be simple. Complex or busy designs that have a lot of photos/graphics will not work. Also, I would probably prefer graphics or abstract designs to photos.

The template will need to be supplied in a format that will allow the content to be edited using InDesign.

Please note that we often schedule 8, 12 or 16 seminars at the same time. As each brochure advertises 4 seminars, we often will send out 2-4 different brochures in the same envelope. If all the brochures are exactly the same design, a casual receiver may assume that all the brochures are the same and only read one of the brochures and discard the others.

Therefore, we need to be able to change the graphic or design on the front cover so that two or more brochures will instantly be recognised as different. We have always done this in the past by simply having a graphic on the front that we can change the colour. For example, we can have a blue version, a red version, a green version, etc.

Last thing to note is that I also wish to redesign the icon set we use to designate the compulsory subject areas for our seminars. I will create a separate project for this, but you may wish to consider submitting a design for this as well.

Please see this project for the specific details, but in short, we would like to redesign the icons that we use for the compulsory subjects. At the moment we use stock art, but we would like to use a custom designed icon set.

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  • September 9, 2011 9:20 PM
    avatar mjdrenee
    Project Holder
    Thank you to all the designers who submitted drafts for our brochure design project. We appreciate your efforts.

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  • September 7, 2011 12:23 AM
    avatar mjdrenee
    Project Holder
    Comments about Draft#3 (please note all these comments relate to the Blue version):

    Panel 1:
    * Can we move the title of the first seminar to the top of the panel?
    * Then stretch the blue box across the top of the first and second panels
    *Make the blue title box a little narrower (not as high)
    *Place the red line under the blue box (as in panels 3 & 4)

    Panel 2: - Leave the “About the Presenter” box as is (with the red line on top)

    Panel 3 & 4 – should be the same format as panels 1 & 2. But reverse the colours. Therefore, the blue title box should be red and the line underneath should be blue.

    Panel 6 (front panel):
    * I think the bottom section with the seminar titles is too busy. Can we try it with bullets instead of the vertical lines? It works at the top (where Perth is), but not in the bottom section.
    * Can you show me how this might look with different colours? I am going to need at least 4 different versions of the front panel (preferably 5 or 6). Maybe, you could show me how it might look in Blue, Red, Green, Silver, Purple and Yellow.

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  • September 3, 2011 9:02 PM
    avatar mjdrenee
    Project Holder
    Design 2 - on the content panels, I don't think the white text on the blue/green backgrounds works. I think as a general rule the main text should be on a white background. Coloured backgrounds can still be used for headings or feature panels (for example the front panel).

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