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illustrative restaurant logo design ideas


In the food business the taste of food that you offer is secondary to the visual appeal that it has. You know that presentation is almost as, if not more, important than the actual flavor of the dishes. So, though you may not have a restaurant logo or corporate identity yet, you do know that unless you have a proper symbol that represents who you are and what you do, your food won't have the chance to appeal to customers. So if you don't know about the secrets about logo design like a pro, here are a few which you must be aware of.

1. Remembering Your Customer's Mood

Whether you have a Chinese restaurant chain or an Italian cafe, remember your customer's mood will help you greatly when you are in the process of designing a logo or corporate identity. For instance, while getting a restaurant logo designed, keep in mind it should have a touch of elegance. Small cafes or clubs can have vibrant and funky looking symbols and typography but bistros and restaurants should have a relaxing feel to the logo design. So think about the feelings or emotions that your food will bring out of the customer and design your restaurant logo accordingly.

2. Designing with a Tagline

A tagline, also known as a strapline is one of the best tools which you can use to market your restaurant without having to announce it again and again. It's what makes a logo memorable and witty. It doesn't matter if this phrase consisting of a few words explains the kind of food you offer or it's a stanza or rhyme that you have made up because taglines have known to work and to grab the customer's attention instantly. Make sure the line says something about your business and reflects the true nature of your restaurant so the customer takes something away from it. Remember that coming up with this tacky tagline is not necessarily your designer's responsibility so you may need to brainstorm about it on your own.

3. The Impact of Abstract Symbols

Strong and powerful abstract images in your corporate identity give it an unforgettable appeal and if you have a restaurant chain, it will ensure that you will be able to connect wherever your restaurant is based, all over the world. Though it is discouraged that you use logo designs which have shapes and symbols which are too complicated or confusing, your designer should be willing to experiment. Ideally, instead of using overly complex shapes, you should stick to basic ones like squares, circles and rectangles which are easy to recognize and understand. When browsing through other restaurant logo designs, you will even come across ones that use these shapes along with an alphabet or initials of the restaurant's name and the resulting design is simple yet breathtaking. Symbols from cultural origin of the food you cater also works well like these logo designs created for our clients.

4. Making it Work with Typography

Food is not just for the body. As a restaurant owner, you know that many people indulge in eating because they feel their spirit and soul lift. This is why, when you are designing a logo for your restaurant, you should also consider including typography and fonts that are appropriate and suitable for your business. A lot of people mistakenly think that it is necessary to add an image or symbol to their logo because otherwise it will look incomplete. However, this is not true because if your designer uses one or a combination of two similar typefaces to make your logo design, it will be more than enough to speak to your customer and tell them what you are all about. So don't force the professional designer you have hired to design an iconic or combined logo because if he is an expert, he will be able to do well with a text logo.

5. Start Out with a Black Background

If you have been in the restaurant business for long, then you must know that designing a logo with a black background is one of the most important initial steps. The fact is that if your logo design doesn't look good with a black background, it has no chance of looking good in any other colored background as well. Moreover, along with an initial black background, you must also ensure that you have a colorless or black and white logo because there will be instances where you won't be able to use the colors that you originally designed with. In this case, the black and white logo must not lose its effect or impact but remain as influential as possible.

6. Use Appropriate Appetizing Colors

When you are picking out the colors for your restaurant logo, you should pay attention to food rich colors like green, red and others which are both appetizing and remind the customers about the cuisine that you are serving. These shades won't just help you in emphasizing the food that you offer, but will also make the design stand out and deliver the business message effectively. Check out how your competitors in the industry are using color psychology to attract customers and come up with your own color scheme which will make the logo attractive and fabulous to look at. Don't make the mistake of using inappropriate colors that don't match with your offerings because this will dampen your efforts considerably.

7. Clarity will take You Places

Simple, clear and readable restaurant logo designs are the ones which are appreciated the most. Think of the very famous logo of McDonalds and you will realize that even its very simple and straightforward 'M' does what no other logo can do - it makes you remember it every time you think of a burger. So whether you are using an iconic, text or combination logo, as long as the words and symbols are clear and understandable, there is a high chance that your corporate identity will be a success. Just think of the many different popular logos and how simple they are and you will understand this concept very clearly.

8. Versatility Throughout

Last but not least, if you want your restaurant logo design to hit the market with a bang, you must ensure that it is versatile and adaptable throughout multiple platforms. Because your corporate identity will be used on a variety of marketing materials like business cards and pens, it is important that it packs a punch no matter where it is printed or shown. In fact, the logo should also be able to work on small platforms like your fan page image on Twitter.

A professionally designed restaurant logo will work wonders for your food business. So if you are ready to get restaurant logo design concepts from designers, why don't you start your contest here right now?

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