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illustrative restaurant logo design ideas

Modern Restaurant Logos Adapted for the Digital Age

In your opinion, what is the first thing your customers think about when they hear the name of your restaurant? People are visually inclined, and as a result, your restaurant’s brand logo will be remembered by everyone before your food.Your logo is a visual identity for your restaurant, which is why it's so important to your success.

If you think about some of the largest eatery chains in the world, you probably have an immediate picture of their logos in your mind. Due to their distinctiveness, simplicity, and connection to the brand, they are highly recognizable.

Also, in today's digital age, when everything is visible on banner ads, the Internet through social media channels, TVs, and mobiles, you need to have an attractive modern restaurant logo design that sells your idea and helps you stand out.

Here are some ideas, tips, and tricks for designing an appealing logo for your restaurant from our team.

Reasons to Design a Modern Restaurant Logo for Digital Media

Building your brand begins with a good restaurant logo. Those who have had a positive experience with your business will attribute it to your logo and come back for a second visit, or search for your logo when searching for directions or ordering online.

When a restaurant logo is attractive on digital media. Your resisktaurant logo encourages customers to dine at the restaurant, even without tasting the food or seeing it. Ideally, it should be inviting, welcoming, and interesting, like a restaurant's profile picture on social media. This is how famous restaurant logos design theirs.

What is the Importance of Restaurant Logos?

Having discussed what a good restaurant logo could accomplish, here are some importance points on why you should give your logo some thought:

The logo represents your brand.

Logos represent the brand of a restaurant. Your logo is how your customers will recognize you across all marketing and ordering systems and digital platforms. Your logo should be associated with good experiences of your restaurant whether online or offline.

A restaurant logo tells the story.

It can commemorate your heritage or tell the story of your restaurant's past, and as a result, your restaurant's customers will be able to develop a relationship with you.

Your logo makes you stand out from the crowd.

If your restaurant has an attractive logo, it will be easier for customers to recognize your eatery through food recommendations and delivery apps such as Grubhub, Seamless, Uber Eats, etc.

Elements of a Modern Restaurant Logo Design

Here are some important elements to remember when you are designing a restaurant logo:

  • Color.
  • Each color evokes a different emotion and reflects your restaurant's style. Color theory can play a significant role in determining how you would like your customers to feel when they are exposed to your brand.

It may even be worthwhile to consider how your logo would appear if it were printed without any color. By matching your logo color with your restaurant's theme, you may be able to influence your customers' food order decisions.

  • Fonts.
  • Fonts are an excellent way to represent your restaurant brand, whether they are used in conjunction with an image or on their own. Sans-serifs, for example, have a casual appearance, while serifs have a formal appearance. Fonts like Helvetica, Futura, Gotham, and Proxima Nova offer clean, minimalist lines with modern appeal.

Also, script fonts offer a more elegant and sophisticated feel. Script fonts like Brandon Grotesque, Lato, and Montserrat add a touch of personality and fluidity.

  • Symbols and shapes.
  • Logos with circles are considered more relatable, whereas logos with primarily black backgrounds appear more sophisticated. In contrast to traditional restaurants or casual dining, modern restaurants may feature bold graphics.

  • Scalability.
  • Logos can appear on items as small as favicon and as large as website banners or Facebook social cover design, so they must be clearly readable on all surfaces, sizes and backgrounds. Design your restaurant logo using a design grid so that it does not become distorted or stretched when it is enlarged or shrunk.

  • Culinary Storytelling.
  • Modern restaurant logos can be considered visual storytellers that, with the help of graphics, communicate the restaurant’s cooking story and branding journey. In addition, it should be very likely that the elements used would be able to tell a story, and perhaps they could include symbolic imagery, narrative typography, slogan, tagline, or evocative color palettes.

  • Health and Wellness Focus.
  • With consumers concentrating on their health and well-being, the restaurant's logos may contain elements that highlight a focus on fresh, healthy ingredients and balanced dining choices. This may include adding healthy symbols like fruits, vegetables, and salads or using wording that shows its emphasis on healthy eating rather than junk or fast food. Here are 2 great examples that you can look:

  • Uniqueness.
  • A thorough study of other restaurants' logo designs can help you create your own unique restaurant logo and learn how to differentiate your eatery from others.

Modern Restaurant Design Ideas

Here are a few modern logo examples you can use as inspiration for your restaurant.

Logos with a single letter or two.

Make your restaurant's logo from the first letter of its name, as seen on —arguably one of the most recognizable restaurant logos in the world. Use color to enhance the impact of your company's personality and style, and experiment with different fonts. Here is an example of a Swan Bistro logo, where a cocktail glass is styled in a swan shape, giving it a unique and distinctive look.

    Images of cuisine.

    You can tell customers what kind of food you offer by showing them images of popular ingredients or dishes. It is possible to keep it abstract in order to inspire people, make them think, and make them stop and think about it.

Here are a few good examples that you can look for. The Red Lobster restaurant clearly highlights its speciality of lobster in the text by drawing a picture of one. Similarly, the ‘Poke Bowl’ restaurant serves fish and other related food items.

Wordmark for brand name.

Not finding the right graphic for your brand? Consider turning the name of the restaurant into a logo. Be sure to choose a font that is consistent with your brand and avoid using too much color. The Landguts Engel restaurant does this quite well, with the restaurant name done in a rounded font, a clean design, and a unique shape in the background, giving it a unique look.

Play with words.

Come up with a fun logo that combines illustration and food imagery associated with your restaurant name. Here are a few examples that you can look at.

Chef Hat.

The logo incorporates a chef hat to symbolize the culinary arts in the digital age.

What is the Best Way to Make a Restaurant Logo?

To create a restaurant logo, you should research ideas for restaurant logos, brainstorm your brand's characteristics, and then create the logo. However, are the three best ways to create such logos:

You should hire a graphic designer.

When you hire a freelance designer, you can obtain a professionally designed logo at a lower cost than when you hire a design firm. It is also important to consider the price. A good designer with a lot of experience will definitely charge you more.

A professional logo design company.

When you hire a design firm like ZillionDesigns, you will be able to obtain a professionally crafted restaurant logo. The cost will be higher than hiring a freelancer, but you will be able to benefit from their expertise and advice.

Free software and online tools.

How to Use the Modern Restaurant Logo?

The logo of your restaurant should be present everywhere - on the signs of your restaurant, on the email signature, newsletter, and digital menu cards or brochures. You can, however, prominently display your restaurant logo in three different locations:

Social Media and Marketing Channels

It is important that your logo appears on all digital platforms that you own. The first step should be to create a website and a social media profile. This is also how you turn online diners into online customers through delivery platforms, food reviews, and apps and discovery platforms.

Digital Menus, Apps and Websites

Branding opportunities should not be missed. It is no surprise that everything in a global franchise chain brand—from mobile apps to websites, social media, and restaurant listing pages.

Restaurants with smaller budgets may not consider branding as a high priority because it can be expensive. As food delivery services have grown in popularity, ordering online may not be able to see the interior of your restaurant. Therefore, the logo on the delivery box or on a website or online app may serve as their memory of the lovely meal, encouraging them to order again in the future.

Communication Channels

You can use your new restaurant logo in your communication channels. For example, in email signatures, customer support chat platforms, newsletter, or branding partners to create awareness of your restaurant presence among customers, vendors and employees.


Your restaurant logo serves as the face of your company, making it stand out from competitors and memorable among customers. Yes, the cuisine and food quality matter a lot, but if you want to retain customers or increase them, then this is where your logo plays an important part. Modern logos are becoming popular mainly due to an increase in online food delivery services. So remember to have your design done by a professional graphic designer who has done it before.

We hope you got a lot of inspiration from this article on what the modern restaurant logo should look like, its importance, and how to design one.

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