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Please read the important information below.

New Designers

We want to make sure that we avoid any legal, fraudulent, or payment issues, so as a designer, you will be required to provide us with a few things to verify your identity.

NOTE: This information is for our validation purposes only and will never be shared.

Please follow these steps to verify your identity:
1. Log into your account. 2. In the designer panel, click "Account Details" on the left-hand side. 3. Fill in the information. 4. Send a copy of your ID (this could be a national identity card, a passport, or a valid driver's license) to If you are under 18 years of age, please send us a copy of your parent or legal guardian's ID.

Click here for details.

Designers are required to fill in their "Account Details" under the "My Account" tab. Please make sure that all information is accurate and completely filled out before participating in any design contests. A copy of your ID (this could be a license, passport or national identity card – please choose one only) must then be emailed to The information from your Account Details and ID must match. If a designer is under 18 years of age, they must send a scanned copy of a parent or legal guardian's ID.

Participating in contests is free! If your design is chosen as the winning design however, a 10% processing fee will be deducted from the total prize amount. In addition to this 10% deduction, you will also be responsible for paying any other transaction costs (PayPal, etc.).
Here's an example: A designer wins a $399 contest. The processing fee is 10% of that, which is $39.90. The amount the designer will receive after subtracting the processing fee looks like this: $399 - $39.9 (10%) = $ 359.10.

Design Contests

The creative brief is your ticket to understanding what the client wants. When you read and thoroughly understand the creative brief, you better your chances of winning the contest. You should also be sure to read any comments that the client posts in the contest page – they will help guide your designs and keep you tuned into what the client is looking for.

As soon as you have a design that you are satisfied with, you should submit it. If you wait, and the client decides to expedite the contest, you could miss your opportunity to win. Don’t worry if you think of changes you’d like to make after you have submitted your design. You can submit as many drafts as you like!

It's possible that you’ll have questions for clients and other designers. When you need to communicate privately, you can send private messages, and if you’d like to ask a question about a contest, you can post it on the contest’s page so the client and designers can see it.

Submitting designs is easy! Just follow these steps:

1. Sign up and create a free account.
2. Visit a contest page and click "Submit a Design."
3. Enter a description for your design.
4. Choose and upload a design.
5. Include information about licensed images (if you’re using any).
6. Agree to the Designer Guidelines
7. Click "Submit My Entry!"

It's mandatory that your web design meets these requirements, so please review this list before and after your design process:

1) Maximum width of the content area should not exceed 1000px.
2) Fonts should be web friendly. Please avoid using more than 2-3 different fonts.
a. Web safe fonts for both Mac & Windows:
  1. Arial
  2. Comic Sans
  3. Courier New
  4. Georgia
  5. Impact
  6. Palatino
  7. Tahoma
  8. Times New Roman
  9. Trebuchet MS
  10. Verdana
3) Template resolution should be 72 DPI.
4) Layers of each section of the template should be kept in separate folders.
5) Layers & folders should have their own unique names.
6) Avoid adding effects on text.
7) Ideal width of the background is 1500px.
8) Do not add filters on images with watermarks.
9) For images use "adjustment layers" option for brightness/contrast etc.
10) Only use images from unless client requests something different.

No, no, no! We strongly discourage the use of clipart. ZillionDesigns customers are looking for creative and unique designs. Using clipart repeatedly will result in a negative rating for you as a designer. Also, keep in mind that you will be held responsible for any costs that may arise from copyright issues regarding your design.

Again, no! Please familiarize yourself with all rules regarding stock images. Failure to follow these rules may result in suspension or banning of your design account. In addition to the lack of unique artwork, clients will also disapprove of your design because they cannot trademark designs in which they do not own all of the art. If you use clipart or stock images and your design is chosen, you must inform the client of images and artwork that are not your own.

In some cases, a client may specify whether or not they will be needing bleeds in the design. If it is not specified, however, please do not include bleeds. Printing will be more costly with bleeds and the client may not require them, so do not include unless advised to do so. Be sure to submit complete stationery set including letterhead and envelope design along with the business card.

You are not obligated to make revisions to completed contests. Many designers will provide minimal revisions at no charge. For more involved changes, you may want to charge a reasonable amount for the work. It is completely up to you.

Do not send any designs to the client until the contest has ended and your design has been finalized. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly in the transaction between you and the client.

In the event that a contest is refunded, all designs and comments in the contest will be hidden to prevent any plagiarism among designers.

A "guaranteed" contest is one in which the client guarantees that they will choose a winning design. This is good news for you because it betters your chances of winning! If the client does not choose a design by the end of the deciding period, our support team will continually contact them until they do so.

Projects finalized between the 1st and 10th of the month Payment sent on the 14th of the month
Project finalized between the 11th and the 20th of the month Payment sent on the 24th of the month
Project finalized between the 21st and the 30th/31st of the month Payment sent on the 4th of the next month




* The above schedule dates are only applicable to business days.
** If payment date falls on a bank holiday, then it will be disbursed on the next working day.

Once a contest is launched, the contest’s prize money is paid to ZillionDesigns. ZillionDesigns will only refund non-guaranteed contests upon the client’s request, and only if the contest has received less than 30 drafts. If a contest receives more than 30 drafts, and the client withdraws the contest, the designer will still be paid a token amount at ZillionDesigns’ discretion.

Yes, you are! Please be sure to keep it relevant, and do not bombard them with messages. Also, keep in mind that any rude comments and misconduct may result in your expulsion from the site.

If the client requires revisions after the contest has been locked, you may email your designs to and include the contest and client name in the subject line. Support will forward the designs to the client, and once they are satisfied and finalize the design, you will send final files to You are not obligated to provide revisions, but it is favorable.

Work quickly! An expedited contest usually finalizes a winning design between 1 and 3 days. We recommend that you submit your design within 24 hours.

Sometimes, clients will show their appreciation by awarding additional prizes in the form of donations to designers who worked hard on their contest and did not win. Donations can be in increments of $25, $50, and $100. They will be subject to a 10% charge of the payment fee if the increment is higher than $100. The management reserves the right to charge 10% fee if donations have been given in exchange for additional design files.

Sometimes, a client will want or need more than one design. If you are chosen as an Additional Winner, you will not receive the primary prize amount, but the client will offer you a separate amount for your design. You can choose to accept or decline the offer. To decline, you’ll need to send an email to (include contest name in the subject line) with an explanation of why you will not be accepting the offer.

Nope! This is simply the client’s way of saying, "thanks for your hard work!" You will not be required to send any design files unless you are chosen as an additional winner.

Sometimes, design files will be too large to email. If this is the case, you can try to compress (zip) the file and email it, or you can use a free online transferring service, like Please send the files to and include your designer name, email address, and contest name in the comments section.

1-to-1 projects are only available for the projects that you have won. The Project Holders for your winning projects can contact and work with you directly on new or additional projects.

Any Project Holder from a project that you have won can initiate a 1-to-1 project with you. Here are the steps to start working on 1-to1 project:

1. If you have any questions, please send a private message before accepting the invoice.
2. Once you are clear on the project, you can accept the invitation.
3. After you have accepted the invitation, send an invoice for the work. Please make sure that your rates are competitive.
4. The Project Holder will accept the invoice and pay.
5. Once the invoice has been paid, a workspace will be created for you and the Project Holder.

Once a project is locked under a deciding phase your design drafts are also locked for the project holder to review them and finalize a winner. To ensure you have equal opportunity to win, at this stage you can’t withdraw your draft.

Design Violations

If you believe that your design has been copied by another designer, please report it to us at . Be sure to include links and an explanation of why you believe it has been copied.

A copyright violation is when a designer bases his/her design off of a pre-existing design. Designers will receive a warning if they are found copying another designer's artwork. A trademark violation is a very serious federal offense. A trademark protects a brand and is registered legally to represent a company. In the event that a designer copies a trademarked design, they will receive a trademark violation point, or worse, depending on the severity of the violation.

For complete information on what constitutes trademark and copyright infringement and how we handle these issues, please click here.

If you see a stolen design, please report it to immediately. It is very important to keep our system "clean" for both designers and clients. We appreciate our designers assisting us in reporting these issues, so we can act swiftly.

No! Once a designer is banned, they are banned for good from our platform. Work carefully and pay attention to rules and guidelines in order to avoid this situation

Winning & Payment

Congratulations! First, you’ll need to submit your final design correctly and according to the contest guidelines. If the files are not useable and we have to fix them, you will be charged a fee, so make sure you follow the directions. Once you have done this, a payment will be processed and you will receive it on the next pay date according to our schedule!

Upon winning a contest, the designer MUST send the following file types to

.Font File

If you are a US citizen and you win, you will be required to fill out and return a W-9 form. We will submit this for tax purposes at the end of the year, so you can file your 1099. This is required in order to remain compliant with US tax laws. If you're not a US citizen, then you don’t need to worry about it.

You can opt for Wire Transfer, PayPal, Cash via Direct Bank Deposit, or E-check. Different options will have different processing fees.

To check the payment options available for your country click the 'My Payment' tab in your designer account panel. Once you are there, go to "Payment Method" and enter your information (which includes your current address). Once you finish and click next, you will see all payment options available for your country.

Please make sure you enter the correct address and country of your current residence. Feel free to email us at for further information regarding available payment methods.

Note: Please note that the threshold for wire transfer is minimum $1000 for transfer into local currency account. If you have a local "dollar" bank account, then the threshold doesn't apply.

Every designer is required to select the payment method once. Any change in payment method after initial selection should be notified to . No notification to support regarding change in method may cause a delay or hold on your payment unless notified.

Please avoid changing payment method/details very frequently. For payment methods please contact

The client pays for the design before beginning the contest. The prize money for guaranteed contests cannot be withdrawn, and we only offer refunds for non-guaranteed contests with less than 30 designs to choose from, which is rare. Once everything is finalized, you’ll get paid on the next pay date.

Below are the file types which are required to be sent once you have won a contest:
.AI or Adobe Illustrator in PMS or CMYK
.EPS or Encapsulated Postscript in CMYK
.FH or FreeHand in PM or CMYK
.GIF or Graphic Interchange Format in RGB
.JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group in RGB
.PDF or Portable Document File in CMYK
.PSD or Photoshop Document in RGB
.PNG or Portable Network Graphics in RGB
.TIFF or Tagged Image File Format in CMYK

* Sometimes spot colors are also required if a client requests for it.
* Kindly use only Pantone shades.
* For the fonts used in the logo and tag line text, you are required to embed or convert them before sending.

Below are the file formats required for stationery contests:
.AI or Adobe Illustrator in PMS or CMYK
.EPS or Encapsulated Postscript in CMYK
.FH or FreeHand in PMS or CMYK
.PDF or Portable Document File in CMYK
.PDF or Portable Document File in RGB
.JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group in RGB

Files required for a brochure or other print contests:
You are required to provide clients with editable .AI Adobe Illustrator or .FH or FreeHand in CMYK format.

Alternatively, .TIFF in CMYK 300 DPI for printing purposes can also be provided.
* All stationery contests related to business card, letterhead, and envelope etc. need to be saved and sent in separate
files, showing crop marks and bleeds for printing purposes.

Files required for a web contest:
You will be required to provide the following file formats for your web contest:
.JPG or .PNG formats of images
.PSD or Photoshop Document in RGB
Additional graphic files used for completion of the web contest will also be required.

Compression Utility Software Used at ZillionDesigns:
* For Windows Users: Win zip
* For Mac Users: Stuff it

Please add a file named "Information.txt" along with each set of final files for logo, stationery and brochure
and include the following information:

* Pantone --- C
* Blue: C=100, M=80, Y=0, K=0
* Orange: C=0, M=40, Y=100, K=0

* Camilla
* EA Fonts

All winning contests are subject to a 10% processing fee, which will be deducted from the prize amount. In addition, you will be responsible for any payment fees, depending on which method of payment you choose.