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"She walks down the aisle. You say your vows, you go to the reception, you have your first dance. Before you know it, just like magic, you realize, it's a perfect fit." - Ted to Barney (How I Met Your Mother)

The closing season of the famous TV show How I Met Your Mother revolves around the preparation of the big wedding of Robin and Barney. So the quote above makes complete sense when you think about the marriage organization process. Weddings are all about finding the perfect match and planning the perfect day.

We're all guilty of imagining the perfect wedding day although we all have our own versions of it. The less fussy ones prefer a simple event, while others fancy an elaborate affair, paying attention to the minutest details. Before the wedding takes place, there is the fantastical idea of the big day in our head, but once the marriage takes place, we are left with memories of one of the most important days of our lives. We always want to keep these memories with us which why we hire photographers to be able to cherish these moments for the years to come.

The wedding photography industry is getting more and more competitive and with plenty of options available, choosing a photographer for a wedding is not an easy task. Most wedding photographers perform their jobs with a passion, creating wonderful and enthralling results but I've come to realize that even with services like photography, where the work speaks for itself, clients are basing their decisions on how they have portrayed themselves on websites and social networking platforms. They're analyzing logos, scrutinizing websites and examining social media posts and updates, so it's best to shape up and try to win the race.

The best place to start when building an online identity is through a brand graphic; everything else comes next. When browsing through wedding photographers and their graphic identities online, I discovered that a good way to differentiate your service is through the use of symbols which exhibit union and love. With so many different kinds of photographers in the market its best you distinguish your identity with a symbol which hints directly towards what you do. I am surprised that many photographers are still not using this technique. Perhaps it is because they feel that these logos seem sappy with their exorbitant use of hearts and flowers, but in reality I feel that these graphic designs can be very helpful in promoting the business. In fact, if sappy is the problem, I suggest creating a modern icon like one of the logos I have discussed below. Let's delve into the discussion and see some great wedding photographer logos which use symbols that depict the union of two people and their happily ever after.

Heartfelt Photo Studio

Heartfelt Photo Studio has a truly heartfelt logo indeed. The best thing about this logo is that it does not limit the photographer's talent to just wedding photography. The studio provides services for all your documentable events in life, such as birthdays and weddings. I really like how the designer has encompassed many different services in one logo, while also making it look like a wedding photography logo.

Chris + Lynn Photographers

Chris + Lynn Photographers is an Emmy Award winning team of two photographers, which is dedicated providing unique wedding photography. The act of marriage for them is an adventure which they try to document through their pictures. The logo uses a heart which is a very obvious hint towards marriage. Moreover, the heart is cleverly formed by using the Initials of the company along with using a cursive pattern which makes it look like a wedding monogram.

CU Photography

CU Photography offers wedding, portrait and corporate photography services throughout Edmonton, Alberta, and North America. I love the modern look in the graphic icon and how it uses an abstract symbol which looks like a ring and a camera lens at the same time. This design proves that wedding photography logos do not necessarily have to look mushy. Such logos work wonderfully when you provide two different kinds of services such as wedding and corporate.

UK Wedding Photographers

UK Wedding Photographers is an online resource to find wedding photographers in the UK. This logo does not belong to a wedding photographer but has found a place here because I think it is a well-designed and apt portrayal of wedding photographer's identity and can very well serve as a good inspiration for one. The font chosen is simple cursive to denote the sensitivity these photographers have towards their clients and audience.

Many wedding photographers' logos are not fully utilizing the potential of a targeted brand identity and are simply going with signatures of their names or just typewritten font logos, but I feel that they can really give their business a boost if they use wedding symbols. If you want to create a successful wedding photographer logo, I suggest you take the advice above seriously. Once the process of creating a logo is complete you can then move on to sharing content on social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram and gain more followers.

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