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entreINSPIRE Company Logo


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Project: entreINSPIRE Company Logo
Industry: Education Logo
Contest Launched: May 27, 2012
Selected: 1 winning design from 38 concepts
Winning Design by: raizChien
Close Date: Jun 6, 2012

entreINSPIRE Company Logo - Education Logo

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entreINSPIRE A Logo, Monogram, or Icon  Draft # 10 by bbb99


entreINSPIRE A Logo, Monogram, or Icon  Draft # 5 by bbb99


entreINSPIRE A Logo, Monogram, or Icon  Draft # 11 by bbb99

Creative Brief

entreINSPIRE Company Logo


Where knowing that you can is the ultimate inspiration


The company provides educational and inspirational advice to entrepreneurs (small business owners) based on the teachings of author and expert, David Shepherd. A membership association, those who join entreINSPIRE receive frequent emails, audio tracks, video tracks, and may attend Webinars that provide the education and inspiration necessary to build a successful business.

The Name
"Entre" is from the French "to undertake" or "begin." In the case of the word entrepreneur, the word generally means "…one who takes risks to build a business." The word does NOT have an accent mark over either of the Es in it.

Inspire, of course, simply means to "…fill someone with the desire to do something."

So entreINSPIRE is in effect, "…the place where the desire to succeed takes root."

I have attached a recent logo that was designed within this community for a separate business. I like the colors (orange, green, blue) and I like the clean type style. However, it is equally likely that a very different, unexpected design will win, so feel free to experiment.

It will be important to distinguish the "entre" from the "inspire." Using simple fonts, I have done this using capital letters for INSPIRE, and while I expect to see several versions of this, I do not want to limit your creativity. Feel free to distinguish these two components any way you see fit. (Color, style, size, etc.)

We have applied for a trademark and would like versions of the final logo with and without the ™ designation.

We would also like to have a tagline (changeable by us) that matches the logo. For now, you can experiment with: Where Knowing That You Can is the Ultimate Inspiration. (Please show designs with and without the tag line.)

There will eventually be several sub-brands to this corporate logo, including entreWEBINARS, entreBOOKS, and entreRADIO. Your final files must include a PhotoShop version, and any necessary fonts, for us to simply create these and other future sub-brands ourselves.

Lastly, I would simply say that while the tone of this company is inspirational, one should not mistake it for a "motivational" product. David Shepherd has spent 25 years as a professor at a top-ranked business school and his advice is serious and sometimes complex.

We want a logo that is simple, clean, elegant, powerful…and inspirational! But not whimsical or too playful.

Good luck!


Abstract Mark

Abstract Mark

Web 2.0

Web 2.0


I will upload a logo we recently had developed that contains green (#99cc33), Blue (#0099ff) and Orange (#ff9933).

Other colors considered.


entreINSPIRE is a membership at a Website. Our advice is then delivered however the member wants—blogs, emails, podcasts, videos, etc., and on any device. (PC, iPad, smart phone, etc.)

I don't think a device (like a phone) will work in the logo, but don't want to rule out any preliminary designs.

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  • June 1, 2012 6:35 PM
    avatar shepherddp
    Project Holder
    I meant 27 when I said 28.

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  • June 1, 2012 6:33 PM
    avatar shepherddp
    Project Holder
    20 is modern and streamlined which I like.
    28 is too bold, too harsh.

    Keep it clean and simple.

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  • May 30, 2012 8:57 AM
    avatar shepherddp
    Project Holder
    #5 shows a creative blending of the E and the I into a single symbol. Would still like to see more "movement" such as an italicized "Inspire."

    The colors in # 8 and 9 are too dark.

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  • May 29, 2012 7:27 AM
    avatar shepherddp
    Project Holder
    Regarding # 1, 2, and 3, I'd like to see more of a sense of "motion" or "leaning forward" in the text, especially the word "Inspire."

    Also, the symbol, if used, should be able to stand alone and should contain both an "I" and an "E."

    These are just some initial thoughts. This early in the process, I don't want to place any limits at all on your creativity. Feel free to show me ANYTHING, and I will offer feedback.

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