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Website for Verbatim Audio-Visual Communications, Inc

Verbatim Audio-Visual Conmmunications, Inc

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Project: Website for Verbatim Audio-Visual ...
Contest Launched: Sep 23, 2014
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Website for Verbatim Audio-Visual Communications, Inc - Communications and Media

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Website for Verbatim Audio-Visual Communications, Inc

Verbatim Audio-Visual Conmmunications, Inc

Communications and Media

We provide litigation support for attorneys. Court reporting, Video taping of depositions, Forensic Animation, Visual timelines, litigation Graphics, web design etc... Our clients are all lawyers. We help attorneys explain complex information to Juries.




High Tech

Colors should be consist with the logo and stationary

see logo and stationary

above header

I want to polish up and brighten up the current website. You can start buy looking at the current website: I want to add the new logo (I will upload it) and make the colors brighter and consistent with the colors in the logo and stationary. I have also uploaded a mock-up to start with. I am thinking I will have a video someplace on the home page. I will also do a Flash element for the Banner so you can use the current graphic for now. I am also open to new ideas to make the website stand out. I want to express that we are an establish company that has a good grasp of technology and are able to use this technology creatively to help our clients.



  • September 24, 2014 11:11 AM
    d1aquaponics d1aquaponics
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    Designers, I have looked at some other site and I am now thinking that I will make the entire Banner into a flash movie. So we no longer need to design in the small video player as I have in the mock-up. Thanks, Don

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