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Advertisement and promotion is something that should be a high priority for your company. You want your target audience to recognize your brand identity in a unique way, like making a first impression on someone you've just met.

The first order of business is to give your company a face. In the highly competitive marketing industry, advertising and promoting largely depends on how you project yourself to customers and prospects. This is where the effectiveness of your logo design comes in.

Why Advertise?

A proven way of advertising and promoting your business is one-on-one advertisement. You introduce yourself from prospect to prospect, telling them what the business is about so that they can remember you. You also want them to remember you in the long run so they don't end up going to your competitors. Imagine when you hand them a well-designed business card with your contact information and an eye-catching, unforgettable logo; think of the positive image you're subconsciously projecting into their minds.

Your company logo goes on anything from pens and mouse pads, to letterheads, t-shirts or other promotional and branding materials. An advertising and promotion brand image that stays etched in the minds of your customers is what's going to win business. This is how they will remember you, and even refer more people to your business so it's all in the delivery.

The general idea is to instill a strong sense of brand recognition in your customers. You want your business to spring into people's minds before they even consider going to the yellow pages to look for another one.

Take McDonalds for instance. When you walk into their restaurants, you don't expect to find a hammer and nails logo. Even if the design does not visualize or spell out "hamburger", people perfectly understand what they're selling due to the brand identity they have successfully established.

Advertising and promotion companies aim to achieve just that - earning trust and building strong brand recognition, without spelling out the obvious.

Visual Aesthetics

Logos are a great way of "symbolizing" your company as they are found on your advertising material and letterhead. They act as an emblem through which your target audience can identify and recognize the business.

Today, the most successful organizations swear by the "simple is better" approach to brand design and identities. This is truly noteworthy as certain elements in advertising and promotion corporate sector are evolving at a rapid pace so the window to impress customers is getting smaller.

What you need to do is come up with a stylish design, yet one that's conservative; something that's easy for customers to identify with at first glance. Something that is utterly unforgettable. Think about road signs and crests for a moment: how they are used for identifying a country or flags. All use contrasting colors, yet simplified and stylish combinations to attract attention instantly and convey specific information.

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Iconic Brand Images

There is no doubt a lot of room for experimentation. Typically, you take a symbol and fit it into any of the basic geometrical shapes.

Shapes work best when they are of symmetrical geometrical type such as hexagons, triangles, squares and circles. They can be conveniently placed on all branding materials while maintaining a good degree of balance. In order to make the design more aesthetically pleasing, you may alter the dimensions of these shapes according to your preferences.

You aren't limited to using symmetrical geometrical shapes though so don't hesitate to experiment with free form shapes. However, you do need to be careful when it comes to placement because you don't want the design to look as if it's on the verge of falling apart.

When selecting a shape, always keep in mind how stable and conservative you want your advertising and promotion brand identity to appear.

Combining the Concept with Your Brand Identity

One of the best ways companies project their philosophy is to use an image that's tied to the business; an automobile for an automobile dealership, a home for a realtor and so on. However, abstract images best represent a business's philosophy in this industry. A pyramid for instance, or a similar blocky image would lead one to believe the company is stable and trustworthy.

Looking to incorporate a more dynamic image? How about one with sparks, particles or orbits and swooshes, for a young and modern high-tech business? This would represent the latest cutting edge technology or the solutions your business is offering.

Some advertising and promotion agencies are in the trade of promoting multiple businesses. In this case, a more generic image is best. Though you can make it look new age and high-tech by using straight lines coupled with curves.

Similarly, you could make it appear more "corporate" by using proportional as well as symmetrical and geometrical shapes.

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Putting it All Together

Your promotion and advertising brand image should be powerful enough to not only be instantly identifiable and memorable, but also accepted in the market. Think about the kind of feelings and emotions a good design conveys to audiences. Does it stand out well, both on its own and in a crowd, in a competitive market?

Too many sharp edges spell danger or caution. Consider the use of colors and find balance so that your design is noticeable without appearing too intimidating.

And if, this is not something you can venture on your own, hire a professional logo designer who understands the importance of a diversified design and knows how to best represent you in an industry where competition is often cutthroat.

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