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Are you a hair and spa owner who's under pressure to stay ahead of the competition and keen on offering fresh styling trends? But of course, how could you not be under pressure with all the competition that's flying around these days?

We're talking about key attributes like branding and picking a name that's a crowd pleaser. Then there's your logo - keeping this as snazzy and fresh as your salon can be a bit of a hurdle if you don't know how to go about it initially. Even if there is a logo in place, chances are you haven't rebranded it in a while. In the long run, what you really want is more room for marketing, attracting more clients and keeping your brand looking fresh and moving forward with a logo design. A new identity in this case, can work wonders.

Before we get to some key design elements, let's briefly discuss what's in a name, and how this can have an impact to some extent on the design and choice of your logo.

Silly Does Work

It seems for hair and nail salons, playful and attention-grabbing names are quite in. Let's be honest here though - naming your salon is serious business, even though you can obviously tell that salon names are often not to be taken seriously, precisely because they're salons, as opposed to a financial service or luxury car dealership. You may have seen how folks fearlessly (and deliberately) enjoy walking into hair salons like Bushwhackers or Headhunters, without a care in the world.

Spelling woes have plagued hair salon names for a while now. Quite a few businesses like to use Ks instead of a C or Zs instead of an S. Well, good then, since certain under used letters in the alphabet like the aforementioned are getting a lot more attention now. Don't be afraid to experiment with unusual spellings. They stand out, yes they are whacky at times, and they sell well.

Rhyming names have certainly established their place in hair and nail spas: Nail Detail, Dale's Nails or Hair Affair. How do these grab you?

Picking your hair and nail spa name carefully is of the essence. It's sticking with you for a long time and it could mean the difference between your business flourishing or withering out.

Now to the more technical brand design stuff - logo design concepts and essential elements to consider.

circle nail spa logo
circle and dots nail salon logo
shopping bag hair product logo

Clean and Basic is Good

An eye-catching logo ought to reflect your business, though in a clean and uncluttered presentation. Complementary colors, balanced graphics and a clever tagline that paints a polished and professional picture of your logo can work wonders to your salon's business. Start by coming up with words that compliment your services, message and business philosophy.

Clear and Distinct Fonts That Stand Out

In a rebranding effort, your tagline plays a major supporting role: make use of fresh, clean and modern typography, which are very much a part of your general logo design and appeal. You might want to avoid flowery, super-fancy or hard to read fonts, as it's best to go with an uncluttered look. You really want to get people's attention for the right reason, not because they have to squint to make heads and tails of your hair and nail spa logo.

elegant retro nail salon logo
elegant lettermark nail art logo design
fancy nail art salon logo
scissors in hair studio logo

Size Does Matter

Your logo shouldn't be too big or too small, since it's a part of the marketing drive. Try to strike a balance between the graphic design and salon name - either one of them overpowering the other may not get the message across as intended. Always choose a design that looks good on all the various marketing mediums, from your business cards to your website design, brochures and social media. Being a cornerstone of your brand, consistency plays a pivotal role in how you put your new logo to use.

How Colors Bring it Together

This can be a tricky affair, though what you can do is visualize your spa as it is. Does your spa offer organic and wellness products including services such as massages and facials? Perhaps cool and calming green color tones could sit well with your logo.

Similarly, if you're running a trendy beauty care salon in an upscale urban area, dull yet unusual and exotic colors can be more effective. In this case, black and white works great too. It's always good practice to avoid tacky colors, or those which have harsh tones of red, monochromatic or otherwise bright and dated like neon hues. As a general rule, colors need to integrate well into the design, not overpower it.

A Logo that Matches Your Salon's Groove

Depending on what kind of salon you're running, you can go for an edgier feel and look, sporting dramatic colors and sharper angles. Or you could opt for more subdued hues and rounded edges if you prefer a more laid-back approach. As another example, hip-urban salons generally prefer a stark design, while suburban-sophisticated salons prefer more organic flavors. As long as you have the logo design do justice to environmental factors and the services offered, you're all set

Follow through with these logo design strategies, and your hair and nail spa logo is sure to stand out and please patrons from all over.

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