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Winning Law Firm and Attorney Logo Designs

Every lawyer and attorney, no matter what his/her specialized field, knows that their outlook is one of the most important factors which will make them a viable choice for a client. Attorneys who are badly dressed or don't know how to communicate are often seen as unprofessional, which is why you won't find a lot of them today. However, apart from your physical appearance, you also need to concentrate on the look of your law firm logo.

Your logo, if designed with focus and with the utmost concentration will not only make you popular amongst clients but will also take your brand to the next level. This is why you will often find firms working on branding strategies pay attention to the company symbol. As the owner of such a business, you must know about some of the features which make your logo a winner. Now bear in mind that even though an experienced designer will consider a lot of other factors, these are the core ones which you should remember.


A key feature in all good law firm and attorney logos is that they look professional. Type in the keyword 'law firm logos' into Google or any other search engine and you will not find one symbol with silly font styles or shades which are considered too loud. Though all these logos will either be conservative or modern in their design, the one thing they will have in common is that they will elicit feelings of trust and reliability when you look at them. To be clear, a classic approach will be to get a logo design that is professional and outstanding, while a modern design will have the qualities of innovation, uniqueness and distinctiveness.

Attorney Logo Design Samples

pillar logo for law firm
balance logo for lawyers

Therefore, no matter which style you go for, just remember to keep it as simple, elegant and professional as possible. Don't rely on a lot of current trends and techniques or your logo won't have a chance of being timeless.

The Right Colors

A logo is all about combining color, typography and images to create something new and memorable. A person looking at a logo will notice the font and/or icon first but, the color is what makes it all come together. For example, most of the law firm and attorney logos use many different shades of blue, which is a color that denotes confidence, sturdiness, experience and optimism, all of which are qualities that people are looking for in a lawyer, like in the case of Cohen & Winters Attorneys at Law. However, there are a few big brands which use purple and sometimes even red in their logo as both these colors show power and energy among other things.

When picking out the ideal two to three colors for your brand identity, remember that it must be in-line with your company's message and goals because this is ultimately what you need. Also, though color is crucial, your brand shouldn't totally depend on it to appear reliable and professional.

key logo for eviction attorney logo
law firm logo
modern law firm logo design contest
lettermark in square logo for attorneys at law

Perfect Typography

Much like the color or shades you use in your brand graphic, the font styles will also play a role in determining the success or failure of a design. As you may have seen, most logos belonging to this category use their company name (word mark) or acronym (letter mark) as their brand identity. If you too are considering this type of a brand design, you may want to know about Serif and Sans Serif font styles because these are not only common but also easily readable. If your designer is really bold but experienced in his field, he may even use more than one font to reduce monotony in design and make it more visually appealing.

Learn about the various types of typography you could implement but also keep in mind that your designer will know more about which font styles to include because they will have a lot more experience.

Relevant Symbols

Abstract images and icons of scales are common in law firm and attorney logos. Though it is common practice of organizations to use their name or initials as the logotype, there are few that intelligently include different symbols to appear more official and skilled. When your designer's brand strategy is to include an image, you must also ask them to put in vector instead of raster images because the former don't blow up or shrink down when their size is changed.

Since there are a lot of attorneys and lawyers who want to gain the reliability and trust of their clients, you must pay special attention to your brand symbol. Without it, you won't have a corporate identity and you can't be a potential choice for your prospects.


The designing of your logo will be the first few steps of your brand strategies. This process will depend on the type of people you want to target, the nature or specialization of your practice and the overall law industry. Because of this, you and your designer must spend a good amount of time in coming up with a logo that can be used anywhere and everywhere. Furthermore, keep in mind that the colors and font styles that you use will also be implemented throughout your marketing and promotional materials so you should consider them very carefully. If you fail to do this and make the mistake of being inconsistent in your branding, it will only make you look unprofessional and mismanaged.

As a lawyer or the managing partner in a firm, it is crucial that you know about these very basic features which make a logo. As long as you remember them and make sure you hire a skilled and experienced designer who focuses on them, you will set yourself up for success.

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