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In the marketing industry, one of the biggest traps firms fall into, particularly small and medium-sized ones, is not giving enough focus and attention to branding. You may find yourself thinking out aloud: "My business isn't large enough to compete with Starbucks or McDonalds so why should I dish out resources of any kind on branding?"

Think again. A brand doesn't have to be some mysterious treasure that's only accessible to the rich and famous of the business and marketing world. Image branding is something that's a necessity no matter how large or small your scope of operation. Simply put, you need a mechanism or mode through which you can communicate a set of business characteristics to your target audience. These positive traits are what customers use as a form of reference to identify you.

Customers will always have needs they want to have fulfilled. Keep this in mind and you will have completed half of your marketing strategy. The road to marketing success starts with building a recognizable brand design which revolves around a creative strategy and something which lands trust and inspiration in the hearts and minds of customers everywhere. This is where a great marketing company logo design comes in.

How Brands Live in the Hearts and Minds of Audiences

Every time the name of your business is heard, a set of thoughts and impressions come to light. These impressions directly influence the kind of outlook customers will have towards your products or services.

A brand resides in a customer's mind depending on the kind of image you project, the logo, marketing message or tagline, and what other people perceive about your business. This is largely governed by how you go about projecting your brand visually.

Every time a customer comes in contact with your business through the company website, a business card, billboards or even an employee, the brand image speaks volumes. It forms an ideal perception in their minds with regard to your unique products and services.

Reaching Out With Your Brand Image

You have the ability to be the most powerful brand in your respective market. All it takes is knowing the type of brand image you want to project, and where your target audience is coming from.

Successful branding can only take off once you establish certain rules and guidelines about how you're going to present your logo, what typography and colors you're going to use in your marketing materials and taglines etc.

Follow through with these guidelines and you will effectively start boosting your consistency and staying powerful in the market.

It's All in the Presentation

Your marketing brand identity is literally the face of your company on all branding materials so ensuring that it is presented in a clean and distinct way is essential. Hiring a professional logo designer benefits you in the long haul.

When discussing ideas to set out style guidelines, ask yourself:

  • When my logo is used in color, what colors or ink colors are ideal? Ask your designer to select ink colors that confirm with the Pantone Matching System, which is compatible with almost all printers.
  • When the logo appears in black ink, what is the best color background(s)?
  • When it appears in white ink, also referred to as a "reverse", what backgrounds are most appropriate?
  • What's the smallest size that can be used for the design without shrinking any of its elements too much or making it otherwise unreadable?

abstract woman tree logo for marketing consulting company
crown logo for digital marketing agency
digital marketing logo design contest

The Technical Side of Typefaces

Stick to consistency and put a limit on the type styles you use in your brochures, ads, signs and other marketing mediums. Choose one universal typeface or font for headlines and a unique one for ad copies.

Two common types of typographies used in marketing firm images are Serif and Sans Serif. The former is short and decorative, with flourishes at the beginning or ending of letters. The latter has letters with no adornments.

Your choice of fonts reflects your business outlook. Say, if you're looking to convey a traditional tone, you're best off using a serif typeface. Looking to make your materials appear straightforward or informal? Sans Serif is the better choice.

Colors Spark Emotions

The importance of how colors in a marketing logo influence audiences cannot be overlooked. Dare to be different and stand out from your competitors by using color schemes that complement the personality of your business.

Colors represent an emotional offering, coupled with a prominent message. Here's what some of these tones represent:

  • Red relates to passion, vitality, love and energy.
  • Blue is for tranquility and calm, as well as peace and knowledge.
  • Green sparks feelings of success, growth, money and healing.
  • White is the color of perfection, purity and cleanliness.
  • Orange spells creativity, energy and invigoration.
  • Yellow resonates well with youth, clarity, joy and intellect.
  • Purple is associated with wisdom, royalty and imagination.

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