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Health and wellness businesses today have become extremely competitive. Because people are happy to get away from their stressful lives, they often like to plunge into the world of massage and day spas, exotic retreats and fitness/wellbeing centers. The simple truth is that nobody wants to miss out on an experience to boost their mental and physical health.

It is this highly competitive nature of the industry that makes massage and day spa logo designs so unique. Organizations are always after skilled logo designers who know how to strike just the right chord - designs that evoke highly positive emotions and motivate you to take part in health-boosting activities.

Because of this high demand for relaxation and spa businesses, you'll come across many heart-warming logos which make use of fluid typography, cleverly put together colors and images that remind you of the health and nature that the facility has to offer.

Here are a few things you'll want to know about designing the perfect massage and spa logo.

It's all in the Color

As you might observe, most wellness logos give way to feelings of energy, relaxation and restfulness. There's a science behind how colors influence your mood and emotions. Organizations focusing on massage and day spas always opt for colors that promote these restful feelings. Businesses that want to evoke youth, exercise and energy use colors that are stimulating not just visually, but mentally.

Green, for example, gives off a restful appearance. You'll come across many designs using green in images of yoga, meditation and massage to create a sense of wellness. See, green resides right in the middle of the color spectrum. It is easy on the eyes and very balanced. It is in fact, this balance that makes it ideal for massage and day spa logos,and wellness centers.

Green ties in well with nature, as it is the color of radiant and thriving plants. People going to health and wellness retreats are quick to relate to a connection between personal wellbeing and Mother Nature. This is why this cool color tone is ideal for health and wellness businesses.

massage stones in hand therapy logo
cannabis logo for medical company
tree with roots logo for massage therapy office

A massage and day spa center however, doesn't have to be limited shades of green. Yellow is also a very good choice because it makes you think of nature. Yellow also blends well as it points to abundant sunlight, which is in direct relation to good health. Though, you must be cautious when using this particular color because you don't want it to overshadow the restfulness of green and other soft colors in your design.

Moreover, even though yellow has quite the stimulating effect, you need to consider what you want your art and concept to reveal before deciding on it. Do you want it to entice feelings of rest, relaxation and balanced wellness? Or do you want to project an image of health gained with high-energy, on the move type exercise? Think aerobics or light resistance workouts. If it's the latter, then yellow will work well.

Customers are rather quick to sniff out these visual cues so you need to understand how to brand the business before choosing colors. You could strike a balance between energetic and relaxing colors.

An ideal color combination would let people know it's a place they can relax, in a hip and youthful atmosphere.

swoosh person in therapeutic massage logo
ornament flower massage therapy logo
person with massage stone and hand logo for kinesiology company

Typography Speaks Volumes

Health and wellness center designs typically make use of round and fluid typography because bulky or boxy letters don't really send the right kind of message. Though you'd want to avoid Serif typography altogether, use it only sparingly as it tends to look heavy and this may make customers think of being overweight, which is the opposite of the desired goal here.

Use curvy lines instead, as these give visual cues of flexibility. What we're trying to get here is practically a "Zen-like" attribute that reminds audiences of relaxation and meditation. You must keep in mind that people don't want to be constantly reminded of how much time, sweat and effort goes into finding that elite level of fitness and flexibility so they're looking for brands that inspire them generally towards wellness goals.

These thin lines used in logos to communicate fitness have a very positive effect. Let's say your design typography were a person so if she/he could bend over effortlessly to stretch and touch her toes, this would convey the right message. These are the kind of logos that are ideal for massage and day spas.

What the Look Says

Because health and wellness logos evoke images of natural beauty and health, you'll find images of lotuses, trees and other health-related plants. No matter was kind of massage and spa facility logos you find leaves are found in most of them, just to remind people how they can "realign" themselves with nature within a short time.

Lotuses typically capitalize on the social psychology which is linked to good health. These lotuses have a strong and prominent cultural link to the East so when you see a lotus in the logo, you're mind undeniably wanders to thoughts of tai chi and meditation.

So pick an image that's unique to your service in coordination with a color that does justice to your brand's identity and you are bound to do well in the market.

Professional logo designers do this on a daily basis. It really pays to hire the help of an expert logo designer who can easily guide you through the complicated pool of diverse design options.

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