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telecommunication and networking company logo design ideas


The telecommunication and networking industry is booming. As human beings, we need to communicate with each other, and our means of communication are evolving just like everything else. From communicating via letters, telegraphs and telephones, we have now progressed to using mobile phones. Cellular networks are thriving and we thought it would be a good idea to discuss some cellular network logos in detail.

Here are some tips to create effective logos like a pro from some of the big players in the industry. We have chosen a variety of famous cellular network logos from all over the world so that we can give you versatile advice.


Vodafone has more than 403 million and operates in more than 30 countries and partners with networks in over 50 more. According to the Vodafone website, this small mobile operator in Newbury (UK) has grown into a global business and the seventh most valuable brand in the world. With a clever use of the speech mark, this logo is an apt representation of the industry that it represents. It's all about communication so speech marks instead of speech bubbles says it all.


Orange is a French multinational telecommunication corporation with a logo which looks relatively simple if compared with the company's success. Orange is a global provider for mobile phone, landline, Internet, mobile internet, and IP television services, with more than 200 million customers. The logo shows how simplicity can be the attraction point in logo designs and how using a bright color can make it stand out.

Telenor :

Telenor Group is another popular cellular network which has mobile operations in many countries across Europe and Asia. It is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies and we have a thing or two to learn from its logo. It looks very modern and the fan like abstract image can be used creatively (See image below). We think it's a good idea to add an element like that to your telecom company brand identity because it makes your logo interesting and adaptable. Adaptability plays a major role especially if you plan to use it across several media and products.


With headquarters in Bellevue, Washington and reaching over 293 million Americans, T-mobile's branding style makes the color pink look good powerful instead of feminine. Even though we usually advise business owners to avoid using colors which are too feminine or too masculine (unless you need to target a particular gender), this logo makes us ignore that suggestion. It's okay to break the rules sometimes but only if you think that your company has a compatibility plan. The T-mobile website makes this logo look good by using it on a white background with only colors like black and gray to complement it.

China Mobile:

Established in Hong Kong in 1997, China Mobile is the leading mobile service provider in Mainland China. The logo is quite simple and plays with the concept of sound waves. It's not very complicated in terms of design but worth mentioning here because it brings out a very important aspect of creating an global logo. If you notice, the logo mentions the name of the company in two languages: Chinese and English. This is a very clever thing trick that you could use to incorporate in your telecom company logo so that it can cater to both audiences, national and international.


Here is a logo which we do not admire even though it belongs to a global leader in delivering broadband and other wireless communication services in America. Telecommunication & networking company logos, we feel, should be more impactful and communicates some form of the nature of its business. This logo does not hint towards what the company does in any way. When you are creating a logo for your telecommunication company try to look at it with a blank mind and see if it links to your service in any way. Even better: show your logo to someone else and see if the person can get what you are trying to get at through your logo.

Apart from the above, some elements which you can use are waves, globe and Celtic knots, to represent telecommunication. You can also use signal waves to hint towards human interaction and connectivity. The ability to access the world is a good concept which you can use to create telecommunication & networking company logos. Bright colors or colors that communicate connection and energy helps in this case. This is where color psychology and how it impacts your audience comes in handy.

Have you worked with any designer for your telecom logo? Do you need advice how to improve on your networking logo? Feel free to drop us a line or email.

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