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Logo for a company trying to help people develop healthy habits

Habit Havoc

Contest Holder missymusic

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Habit Havoc Logo Winning Design by AbsolutMudd

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Creative Brief

Logo for a company trying to help people develop healthy habits

Habit Havoc


This logo will represent that changing habits isn't as hard as one might think and changing/doing the right thing for the long term is a better solution than fad diets and ideas that aren't proven. I know this is strange but I want people to think/feel happy when they see the logo. Habithavoc.com


Abstract Mark

Abstract Mark



Web 2.0

Web 2.0


Green, blue, white. I like the green and blue from the website but am not "married" to any specific colors.

not sure

I want it to be something geared to women, especially from age 35 and up. Something that is youthful and feminine, yet fun at the same time.



  • February 21, 2018 10:58 PM
    avatar missymusic
    Project Holder
    Unfortunately, I am one who got the logical genes and virtually none of the creative. Can the "havoc" part (or even the second H) be depicted as what the word means - havoc, whirlwind, disruption, mayhem?

    I'm finding myself drawn to the feminine/understated designs of #142, #135, #131, #126, #100, #96, #72, #71, #68, #47, #23, #22, #11 and #4.

    However, I'm also liking the boldness of the "metallic" look of #75, #128, #127, #126, #105, #102, #100, #99 and #98.

    The business addresses the "whole" person - nutrition, meditation, physical health, spiritual well-being, positive thinking, etc. If maybe that helps in your processes. I like #135, #131, #128, #127, #126, #101, #100, #99, #82, #78, #72, #56 and #11 because I feel they are closer to portraying what this is about. From the positive thinking perspective, #146 and #120 attract me because of the + sign being used with the double H.

    I'm certain this is probably confusing as I can't approach it from a creative standpoint and sort of expect you all to read my mind but I'm trying to help!

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  • February 17, 2018 7:30 AM
    avatar missymusic
    Project Holder
    I would like the double H to eventually become the logo by itself once the brand picks up momentum. Therefore, I'm finding myself leaning more towards the different, more interesting fonts like in drafts #4 and #11. I do like #7 for the use of the double H. There is also something I like about #6, though I would like the font to be something more interesting. #11 is my favorite so far because of it's portrayal of what the business is.

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