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Logo for Ludeman Capital Management, Inc.

Ludeman Capital Management

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Project: Logo for Ludeman Capital Management, Inc.
Contest Launched: Aug 27, 2012
Selected: 1 winning design from 50 concepts
Winning Design by: rockdesign
Close Date: Sep 9, 2012

Logo for Ludeman Capital Management, Inc. - Financial Services Logo

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Creative Brief

Logo for Ludeman Capital Management, Inc.

Ludeman Capital Management


Core Values:
1. Independence: We value our independence from companies that force their associates to sell propriety products. This gives us the freedom to do what we think is the best thing for our clients and work for their best interests first and foremost. We pick the product or service that is best for the client even if we get paid more for selling a different product or service.
2. Team-Oriented: We support each other and work for the success of each other and our clients. We have an abundance mindset and are able to celebrate the success of others rather than feel threatened by their success.
3. Integrity: We have integrity in all we do and abide by the highest moral and ethical standards.
4. Growth: We seek continual growth and improvement, both corporately and individually.
5. Family: We recognize that financial success is not the sole mark of a fulfilling life. We work hard to care for our clients but also recognize family, community and outside interests are an important part of a healthy life, both for us as employees and for our clients.
6. Fun and Celebration: We spend a significant amount of our lives engaged in our work and we think it’s important to enjoy the people we work with. We value creating fun and humor in our daily work, both corporately and individually, and taking time to celebrate the success of our co-workers, clients and business partners.

Our mission is to help our clients steward their retirement and legacy assets.
• No two clients are the same. Relationship and teamwork are a high priority.
• Independence and Integrity: We are free to act in the client’s best interest… Every time.
• We prioritize family - Yours and Ours.
• Investment opportunities change; our strategies need to grow and change too.

Financial Services

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  • August 31, 2012 3:06 PM
    avatar ludemancapital
    Project Holder
    ihatelogos (don't know how I should take that), #19 - I find myself staring at the L in the box and also seeing a sail on a boat on the right side. Don't know if that is intended, but I like the double entendre. Wonder how to do that with no box around it? Is it possible?

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  • August 30, 2012 2:08 PM
    avatar ludemancapital
    Project Holder
    I like the track we are on. Freelance Dan #12 is pretty cool. I like Christopher64 #3 and dermawan #2.

    Looking forward to seeing what else comes. Feel free to play with other colors, we are not tied to the ones on our current site.

    Thank you,
    Matt Atkins
    Ludeman Capital Management

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  • August 27, 2012 2:29 PM
    avatar SiteAdmin
    Staff Member
    Attention Designers!!

    MycroBurst permits you to submit unlimited designs with unlimited variations. However, if you are providing 2 or 3 different color versions of the same logo in one draft, please make sure that if the particular draft gets finalized, each color version should be separated before you will send the final files.


    MB/LDG/LS Team

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