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Retail furniture and equipment's supplier.

Retail furniture and equipment's supplier.

Contest Holder AbdulrahmanB

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Marketing collateral vield All design entries are veiled from other designers till the end of the contest.

Project: Retail furniture and equipment's supplier.
Industry: Trade
Contest Launched: Feb 8, 2012
Selected: 1 winning design from 24 concepts
Winning Design by: vectogravic
Close Date: Mar 16, 2012

Retail furniture and equipment's supplier. - Trade

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Creative Brief

Retail furniture and equipment's supplier.

Retail furniture and equipment's supplier.

We Sell Peace of Mind

we want to design a creative 2 sides A4 brochure, contains photos of our products, photos of our major projects and installations, brief about the company and our services, and finally contact details, including QR code, that will direct our customers to our Facebook page.


Mainly other businesses, owners and decision makers of (Supermarkets, pastry shops, coffee shops, clothes department stores, and retailers in general)

Please check uploaded files for details on text required and photos.


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  • February 20, 2012 6:30 AM
    avatar AbdulrahmanB
    Project Holder
    ((UPDATE)) DRAFT #15

    1) Make both logos bigger, and delete the small slogan, immediately under each logo (we sell peace of mind).

    2) In the front side you wrote (Retail furniture & equipment's supplier), i want to add the same phrase but in Arabic
    (تـجـهـيـزات الـمـحـلات الـتـجـاريـة & ثـلاجـات الـعـرض) following the same style of the English phrase.

    3) In the back side, please justify and align the Arabic text to look like the English one, to help you to do that here are the translation of each English phrase:

    A) SPECIALIZED IN SUPPLYING = مـتـخـصـصـون فـي تـوريـد
    B) REFRIGERATED DISPLAY CABINETS = ثـلاجـات الـعـرض الـمـبـردة
    C) CHECKOUTS = كـاشـيـرات الـمـحـاسـبـة
    D) SHELVING & SHOP FITTINGS = الأرفـف وكـاونـتـرات الـعـرض
    E) SHOPPING CARTS = عـربـات الـتـسـوق
    F) NUTS & SPICES BINS = حاويات خاصة للمكسرات والبهارات
    G) BUMPER PROTECTION FOR DISPLAY = صـدامـات حـمـايـة لـلـكـاونـتـرات
    H) ENTRY GATES = مـداخـل كـهـربـائـيـة
    I) CUSTOM DESIGN = تـفـصـيـل وتـصـمـيـم حـسـب الـطـلـب

    A) SUPERMARKETS & HYPERMARKETS = الـسـوبـرمـاركـت والـهـايـبـر مـاركـت
    B) FISH SHOPS = مـحـلات الأسـمـاك
    C) CLOTHES DEPARTMENT STORES = مـحـلات الـمـلابـس الـجـاهـزة
    D) BUTCHER SHOPS = مـحـلات الـجـزارة
    E) COFFEE SHOPS = الكـوفـي شـوب
    F) GOURMET SHOPS & RESTAURANTS = الـمطـاعـم الـراقـيـة

    Then instead of using the comma (,) use this separator ( l )

    Thanks & appreciate your efforts

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  • February 18, 2012 7:10 AM
    avatar AbdulrahmanB
    Project Holder
    ((UPDATE)) DRAFT #14

    1) The design idea is nice, but please change color choice to any grade of dark blue background, Red, and all texts in white.

    2) Please put the English logo on the front side, and the Arabic logo on the back side, and remove the bold text (ALABNA).

    3) Regarding the text in the back side (specialized in....etc..), put English and Arabic paragraphs next to each other, not above each other, and remove the word (FOR) from English, and the letter shaped like this (لـــ) from Arabic.

    4) Make the QR code bigger, and remove Facebook icon.

    5) in the back side, write above the photo section (PRODUCTS RANGE) and in Arabic (مـجـمـوعـة الـمـنـتـجـات), then i want you to add the following photos ( i already uploaded):
    A) Scoop_Bins2
    B) Shopping_Carts

    Regarding the photo on the top right corner (Gold color display case), put only the photo showing the front of the cabinet, and remove the one showing the back.

    6) Add in the design somewhere the following 2 phrases:

    A) (30 YEARS EXPERIENCE) and in Arabic (خـبـرة 30 عـام)
    B) (TURNKEY PROJECTS) and in Arabic (مـشـاريـع تـسـلـيـم مـفـتـاح).

    7) Finally, in the front side, replace the first photo from the right with one pf the photos on the uploaded file named ( Projects_Done2_16251.zip).

    Thanks and waiting for the revision.

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  • February 15, 2012 4:10 PM
    avatar AbdulrahmanB
    Project Holder
    To all Participant designers,

    We like the submitted designs so far, and we are giving feed back on them to make them better and final, but we are still waiting for other designers to submit their designs, so we have a wide variety to choose a winner at the end.

    Thanks & Appreciate your efforts.

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  • February 15, 2012 4:06 PM
    avatar AbdulrahmanB
    Project Holder
    ((UPDATE)) DRAFT #12

    1) Shift the Arabic logo to the right, and then shift the white square of "30 years experience" to the left.

    2) Remove Facebook Icon from the English side.

    3) Website and email in both sides, i want the first letter of each word to be capitalized (i.e www.AlabnaCo.com - Alabna (at) AlabnaCo.com.

    4) I want the address paragraph in both sides to be aligned, in a shape of square or rectangular, it will look nicer and neat.

    5) Also align the Arabic paragraph on the top.

    6) Put the phrase "TURNKEY PROJECTS" in the center top of the paragraph (both English & Arabic).

    Finally, one of the blue little square around the photos (the one under the checkout), is cropped and not complete.


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  • February 14, 2012 1:16 PM
    avatar AbdulrahmanB
    Project Holder
    ((UPDATE)) DRAFT #9

    1) The slogan ( we sell peace of mind) is very big and bold, please make it smaller to become in one line, the same goes with the Arabic one.

    2) Remove the word (FOR:) and move the paragraph up, to be aligned with the other paragraph.

    3) When you make the slogan smaller, and move the paragraph a bit up, it will clear more space, so please enlarge the photos, to be more exposed.

    4) Regarding the Arabic text & logo in other side, you have to shift the whole thing to read from Right to left, its like Hebrew, in Arabic the reading starts from the right side, not like English from left.

    So in the Arabic side:
    - QR Code should go to the left, and Address should go the right.
    - "Specialized in" paragraph should go to the right, and the retail list should go to the left.

    5) Remove the Facebook icon from under QR code.

    6) Replace the sentence "Projects Done" with "Featured Projects" - add it also In Arabic (مـشـاريـع مـخـتـارة)
    Keep "Products Range" as is, but add the Arabic translation next to it (مـجـمـوعـة الـمـنـتـجـات).

    7) In "Products Range" the second photo from the right, in the top row, it cropped from the top, try to put the complete cabinet and expose it more.

    8) The following photos in "Products Range" should be next to each other, and i want to write on them (COFFEE SHOPS) (كوفي شوب), in a way that is blended withing the design:

    A) Photo on top right corner.
    B) Photo on top left corner.
    C) The second photo from the right, in the top row.

    9) Write under " Specialized in supplying" the phrase (TURNKEY PROJECTS) (مـشـاريـع تـسـلـيـم مـفـتـاح), highlighted and in bold font.


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  • February 13, 2012 2:04 PM
    avatar AbdulrahmanB
    Project Holder

    Draft#3 Thanks for submitting the design, in general its great, i liked the idea.

    Here are my comments:

    1) I want to put Arabic logo in the Arabic side, and English logo in the English side.
    2) Change the background color from red to any grade of blue.
    3) Align Arabic text to be the same like English one, and delete the Arabic letter shaped like this (لـــ) at the end of the paragraph.
    4) I really liked you design for "Nail Envy", can you give me another design option similar to their idea, in terms of curvy design and choice of colors.

    5) Add somewhere in the design the sentence ( 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE) In Arabic: (خـبـرة 30 عـامـاً).

    6) Use plural "Projects Done" & "Products Range".

    5) Regarding Photos:

    - In "Projects done":
    Replace both photos in the left & right bottom corners, with 2 of the 3 photos in the uploaded file named (Projects_Done2_16251.zip), the remaining one, replace it with the center top photo.

    - in "Products range":
    A) The photo in the top left corner (Gold color display cabinet), to save space cut it in half, and only keep the half showing the front of the cabinet.

    B) Add the following photos without deleting existing ones:

    1) Scoop_Bins2
    2) Shopping_Carts
    3) DSCN2638 (this one needs some background cleaning).

    Finally, change the email address and website to read exactly like in the .doc file (with capitalization).

    I Look forward to see the revision.

    Project URL : Retail furniture and equipment's supplier.

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  • February 11, 2012 3:06 PM
    avatar AbdulrahmanB
    Project Holder
    1) We want to design 2 sides, first side contains products photos that you will find in the uploaded file (ProductsPhotos_16212.zip), then the other side contains photos of our best done projects that you will find in uploaded file (Projects_DonePhotos_16211.zip) and a brief about our company in the uploaded (.doc) file named ( BodyText_16214.zip), and keep in mind that we want to put both English and Arabic texts, for Arabic its also written in the (.doc) file, you just have to copy and past it.

    2) The QR code is for our Facebook page, so write under it a text or an icon (i.e facbook), to make it easy for audience to understand what the QR code is for.

    3) About our company logo, we have uploaded 2 files, one is English logo, and the other is Arabic logo, put one in each side of the flyer.

    Finally, in the uploaded photo files mentioned above, we have put a plenty of photos, off course we will not put all of them, so here are the selection of photos we want to use in each side:

    First side "Product Range":
    1) 507_L0_IP54_7g_01
    2) Soul_Pastry
    3) Shopping_Carts
    4) Scoop_Bins2
    5) Gravity_Bins
    6) Maxima_Checkout
    7) I Ghiacci 012
    8) Elisir_Pastry

    Please note that the photo named (Maxima_Checkout) needs some background cleaning.

    Second side "Projects done":
    1) (156)
    2) Picture23
    3) All 3 photos in the uploaded file (Projects_Done2_16251.zip).

    I hope everything is clear, for any further clarifications, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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  • February 9, 2012 3:35 AM
    avatar AbdulrahmanB
    Project Holder
    You can download all photos form this link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kq71c5uyjg8c3zi/Flyer_Materials.zip


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  • February 9, 2012 2:29 AM
    avatar smartinfo
    @PH - no details found - please reupload.

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  • February 8, 2012 6:22 PM
    boygraphics boygraphics
    can u upload some photos for your brochure and details so that we can design it clearly. thanks


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