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Selected Logos / Category: Small Business & Stores

What Elements You Should Search for in Small Businesses & Stores Logose

By Staff Writer

Once your designer has decided on the color, he will either need to choose a symbol or a font to display your small business’ name. Some experts also opt for both typography as well as an image because these kinds of logos express the mission and message of the small business both through the design as well as in the letters or words. Both the image and font you decide to implement in the logo design will depend on your industry, company and the customers you are catering to. However, one tip which you will find useful here is not to use too many symbols or fonts in one logo otherwise this will not only crowd it and make it difficult to view, but will also look silly and amateurish. Bear in mind that your logo will be printed on large as well as small platforms, so it must look good on both.

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