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Summer Spirit

A Ryan Kinkaid Mystery

Contest Holder punkin11

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Project: Summer Spirit
Industry: Books
Contest Launched: Aug 14, 2012
Selected: 1 winning design from 11 concepts
Winning Design by: original33
Close Date: Aug 24, 2012

Summer Spirit - Books

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Creative Brief

Summer Spirit

A Ryan Kinkaid Mystery

G. Jay B.

A New York gay antique dealer and his female friend take a summer vacation rental in Portsmouth, NH. The rented house was built in 1810 and is haunted by a gay young man who is a kindred spirit to the main character, Ryan Kinkaid. During his summer stay, Ryan falls in love with a local man and decides to give up his New York life and move to the seaside town.


Readers of gay fiction

This book is a gay erotica mystery.

With the exception of the spirit, who is described in the book as a 22 year old man looking like Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, the two other male characters are in their early forties, in shape but not defined with sculpted bodies. They are regular attractive men for their age. One is dark haired (with a little gray at the temples) and the other has light brown hair with blond streaks, their hair is not shoulder length, but not short either.

The house is described as putty colored thin clapboard siding with nine over nine pane windows. White trim. The house sits close to the street, with only a small garden in the front.

This is just one idea I’ve had for the cover. One event in the book takes place in a converted barn where the two main characters are lying on a sectional sofa inside a large open barn door that looks out over a beautiful pasture. In the book they are naked, so if you can imply/incorporate this in your cover design that would be great.

However, I am open to a variety of designs so please submit your ideas.

No drawing please.

Minimum size requirement 1100x1400 pixels

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