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Book Cover Design for Novel

Strange Intruder by J. Allen Reed

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Creative Brief

Book Cover Design for Novel

Strange Intruder by J. Allen Reed

In short, this is a novel about a man, after losing everything, contemplates suicide when this mysterious woman, (The Strange Intruder), appeared and basically saved his life. Below is an excerpt in which we would like to base the cover design on:

"The sleep Nicholas had expected was soon interrupted by a lighting bolt and a series of loud thunder which caused the doors to rattle and the lights to go out for a minute or so. Then, without warning, the worst of the storm hit the house, causing the front door to blow open with a loud bang. There in the doorway was the silhouette of a young woman, with flaming red hair, holding a small red suitcase."

A couple of design themes we had in mind was: (although we are open to ideas).

1. Perhaps a view from the inside of the house, from a chair the main character is sitting in, peering outside through the open front door, with a storm in the background, and the silhouette or image of a woman standing in the doorway holding a suitcase.


2. A country house, with a front porch and a couple of rocking chairs, (which are symbolic in the novel), with a storm brewing above, with a super-imposed image of a red-headed woman from the shoulders up on the front.


This book will be a 5x8 paperback book design, both front and back with spine, for about 128 pages. I can provide any additional information needed to help with the design of this book cover.

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    JudithSDesign JudithSDesign
    I think the designers deserve a consideration, the contest holder have the privilege to choose between different proposals and as professionals we deserve respect.
    Should not remove an entry without more, at least, could evaluate the design and make any comment. The contest holder that are involved in the project and send comments and suggestions get better results.
    As designers we are asked to be respectful and professional, I would like to receive the same consideration.

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  • May 31, 2015 1:34 AM
    avatar mahesh1122

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  • May 31, 2015 1:34 AM
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