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Simply put, your industrial supply business has to have a brand identity so it can get noticed in a pool of seasoned competitors. There is no better way to do this than creating a logo that represents your vision and area of specialization. A concise brand image is as vital as a clean handshake in the industrial parts supply business. It inspires integrity and trust.

Let's take a look at five fundamental aspects that go into shaping up a well-designed logo which professional designers use to create brand designs:

1. How to Best Incorporate Your Brand

A well rounded logo is essentially based on three components, which work together to create a corporate image:

  • The "logomark" is a unique image which customers see as a means of identifying your business. Depending on what parts you supply or distribute, it could be a collection of gears and cogs, symbols or images pertaining to a particular type of industrial machinery/part and so on.
  • The "logotype" is where you put your company name with a clearly defined typeface. What you need is a professional and competent look. A bold typeface mostly works well with customers. Ariel, Times New Roman and Verdana are common font choices which are ideal.
  • And finally, the "logo descriptor" is a mission statement or tagline which appears on all your marketing materials.
  • Taglines are not commonly used in all industrial supply designs. Companies need not exclusively have one in order to sell their goods because industry parts are always in high demand, and so if you deliver what you promise, you're good to go.

However, adding a tagline can improve your chances of getting noticed.

Logo Design Elements Infographic

2. Instilling Confidence in Customers

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers for a moment and think about the following questions. How do you want to be perceived by them? How do you want to inspire them?

Instilling confidence is a good start. A company logo is a tool of sorts which can be used to create powerful brand associations, to establish a clear link with your target audience. It is these links that motivate consumers to buy your product.

A powerful industrial supply brand image projects a specific set of values that zero in on certain psychological aspects of your audiences. Once you get them to relate to a particular image and associated values, you have successfully inspired brand confidence.

3. How Logos and Brand Confidence Mix

One of the key factors that go into sparking confidence is trust. Naturally, business elements like good customer service and after sales service along with product reliability play a supporting role. However, companies in the industry supply trade must first lean on their logo to convey the right message. This is where color selection comes in.

Many studies and research data have concluded that consumers are likely to buy products from companies that use particular color psychology in their brand image. One example is the American consumer who associates US products with craftsmanship and quality. However, they are less likely to purchase products coming from other countries because according to their views, they may have been designed poorly or the workers who manufacture them may not be skilled and experienced.

As a result many companies have infused colors of red, white and blue in their logos to subconsciously project their product as those worthy of American standards.

swoosh industrial logo
leaves in gear industrial logo
check mark manufacturing logo
mountains industrial supply logo
geometric shape industrial logo

4. Colors and Their Connotations

In the world of industry supplier brand identities, just like any other business sector, the use of colors elicit certain audience reactions. Hues of reds for instance are exciting, powerful and stimulating. Yellows are optimistic and exuberant.

  • The Shell logo sees a welcoming shape of a shell surrounded by a vivid red boundary. The combination is eye-catching, instantly recognizable and projects both energy and power.
  • Blues are linked with reliability, security and stability. Qualities your business needs to project especially in this industry.
  • Take the Mobil Oil logo for instance. The blue letters speak of security and reliability. The red "o" projects images of power and dynamism.
  • Green is yet another tone that works great for companies operating in the industry supplier sector. Green is synonymous with eco-awareness and balance.
  • British Petroleum (BP) for example, has always strived to be an exemplary leader in alternate sources of energy. What you see is a leafy green modern stylized circle that's surrounded by a yellow flower symbol. This connects to the letters BP. You can clearly visualize the values this company wants to project - honesty, integrity and of course, environmental consciousness.
  • Black and white schemes go hand in hand with credibility and simplicity.
  • BASF, the chemical company, has a stark logo in black and white. This is just right according to their mission statement, which is -simple and direct solutions for consumers.

5. It's all in the Niche

Whether your business deals with engine components for bike and auto manufacturers, lab equipment for research firms or heavy duty construction machinery for landscaping and real estate companies, narrowing down your niche will help you in shaping up your logo.

It should be noted how curves and points of lines can be used to create a dynamic image or a static one which lets customers instantly know what you're supplying and how it will benefit them.

Take home lessons from the above include using taglines, colors and symbols to create iconic branding image for your industrial supply company. But most importantly, a brand is a promise for which fulfilling and delivering it to the customers is imperative.Capitalize on these essential tips and you're sure to get noticed quickly in this fiercely competitive industry.

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