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Selected Logos / Category: Retail & Wholesale / Jewelry Shop


By Staff Writer

“Simplicity is the glory of expression.” - Walt Whitman

Why do women wear jewelry? To attract attention, to look good, to woo, to charm. That’s exactly what jewelry shop logos should do, but there is one major difference in the projection of the two. Jewelry is flashy, shiny and extravagant while jewelry shop graphic emblem tend to border on simplicity and charm. Is this the right direction to be headed towards?

Successful jewelry brands prove that a simple design is more effective for jewelry shop brand identities by using the “less is more” tactic. Successful jewelry brands prove that a simple design is more effective for jewelry shop graphic emblem by using the “less is more” tactic. For jewelry shop branding image, simplicity is indeed the best policy. It’s easy to go overboard with graphic designs for this category because you’re selling jewelry after all, and your first instinct is that using a logo which is shimmering and glittery is the best choice, when it’s really not. A little bit of glamorous touch is okay but any skilled professional graphic designer would advise that the best-selling formula for jewelry shops is through sophisticated fonts and elegant colors. Here are some famous jewelry shop logos to show you the concept in action.

Jewelry Shop Logos

jewelry shop logos inspirations

Kay Jewelers has been in the jewelry business for 90 years and prides itself on becoming a nationally recognized jewelry retailer. But the logo? It’s as simple as it could be. A beige background with black text on it - simply an elegant identity with no bold fonts or bright colors.

Selling all things glamorous, such as luxury watches and jewelry but the brand identity for Piaget refuses to let go of the idea of a simple brand image. Established in Switzerland in 1874, the logo for Piaget simply comprises of a black background with white elongated letters to display the name.

With its roots in Austria, Swarovski has spread all over the world with outlets in over 120 countries and 25,000 employees. You see no flashy or shiny imagery in the brand graphic, but the company is famous for selling crystal jewelry and accessories which have a glimmer of their own. In complete contrast to what the company sells, the logo is very simple in its demeanour.

When you open the About Page on the Bulgari website you see just one line: “Bulgari, the magnificent Italian Jeweler since 1884.”

The magnificent Italian Jeweler has a very humble brand identity, don’t you think? Again, it employs no sparkly, shiny objects to lure in people. The only thing that should look flashy is the jewelry. The logo resonates simplicity by simply placing a golden colored font on a black background.

Famous Jewelry Logos
Piaget logo PNG
Kay Jewelers logo PNG
Swarovski logo PNG

The Psychology of Simplicity

What exactly does simplicity in design mean and why does it work? According to Jayce-o-Yesta (JOY) Design Studio:

“Simplicity is a situation, condition, or form which summarizes everything there is to be more modest as well as significant (perhaps the word 'simple' is not quite right to explain it). Inversely related to something that is complex, simplicity seeks to minimize the information as dense and as accurate as possible so the audience can receive it quickly.”

Even the renowned magazine Harvard Business Review features an article which favors simplicity:

“What consumers want from marketers is, simply, simplicity.”

Google is a prime example for uncomplicated design. The website is the world’s most used search engine and uses nothing but a white background and a simple logo. It looks simple right? But as easy as it looks, simplicity in logo designing is not that easy but not impossible to achieve with few pro tips. The famous book called The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda talks about how simplicity in design, technology, business and life can be achieved through ten simple laws. The first law of simplicity according to this book is “thoughtful reduction” which means, “When in doubt, just remove. But be careful of what you remove”.

Do you agree with my theory about simplicity in jewelry shop logos? I have made this assertion not just because most famous jewelry shop logos I know have a very simple existence but because simplicity in design is preferred by consumers who need a break from the influx of information that is hoarded on to them on a daily basis. Many skilled and talented designers would offer different advice but stick to the ones that apply to your jewelry shop logo design.