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You thought creativity is the only way to create a successful brand identity? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but creativity is not the only criteria for success. It's important, yes, and for many industries a must, but for some industries such as medical services which include pharmaceuticals and laboratories, creativity is not a requirement. In fact these logos are better off without it. With pharmaceutical companies, people just don't care if they possess a logo bursting with creativity or not. All they want is a company which they know they can trust to make them feel better by eliminating their illness.

Pharmaceutical companies have a huge responsibility to take charge of. Just like hospitals and clinics, they are in the business of saving lives and cannot let their identity prove otherwise. I don't think I would ever trust a pharmaceutical company which has a colorful logo or playful imagery. No, never! This is my life I'm talking about and I'm not taking any risks without trusting the company I'm buying from. Even the simplest medicines such as aspirins and painkillers have brand emblems that look serious, so a pharmacy or a pharmaceutical company which is responsible for selling many different kinds of medicines needs to be even more careful about its identity.

Sometimes pharmaceutical companies even have to encounter legal suits and trials. Unhappy customers blame them for selling ineffectual medicines which are harmful or have serious side-effects. After being petitioned by many concerned parents, the famous pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson went through a difficult transition when consumers discovered that the so called safe products that they were selling contained carcinogenic ingredients. The company has now vowed to remove these harmful chemicals from their baby products to win back their valued customers.

Yes, it's a very serious business we're talking about, and there's really no room for playing around. Pharmaceutical companies have to work really hard to build and foster their relationships with their consumers. And creating a positive and reliable image through effective branding is the first step.

This article is going to discuss five brand identities from the world's biggest drug companies in 2013 according to an article in Forbes. These companies are known all over the world and have maintained a trustable identity for years. If you are looking for ideas for pharmacy and lab logos then this is the place to be because you can definitely seek some inspiration from the following brand identities.


Abbott is located in more than 150 countries and has approximately 70,000 employees worldwide. It was established in America in 1888 but in spite of being in business for so long, the company is still one of the most extensive and diversified healthcare companies in the world. The brand graphic comprises of nothing but the letter "a" forming an abstract symbol, but the tagline which is a part of it seems to gain trust through its promise for life.


GSK is a British multinational which was formed in the year 2000 after the successful merger of GlaxoWellcome and SmithKline Beecham. The mission of the company is to help people do more, feel better and live longer, which I feel is projected through the symbol with its bright orange color which almost looks like the sun through the use of a gradient. Keeping in mind that the brand graphic belongs to a pharmaceutical company, this is where the creativity ends so that the graphic can project a serious image.


With its roots in Germany, Merck is also one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. The company is dedicated to improving the quality of life by providing excellent healthcare products. The logo for Merck uses a simple abstract image and displays professionalism through its formal design and font.


The Sanofi that we know of today came into being in 2004 after the acquisition and merger of many pharmaceutical companies. Sanofi is committed to protecting the health of people through excellent healthcare products. The brand symbol for Sanofi is neat and uncreative but fits its profile of protecting the inhabitants of the earth through an image of a dove which is a symbol of peace and love.


The history of Pfizer dates back to 1849 when two cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart started Charles Pfizer & Company in Brooklyn. The company has now solidified its presence as one of the most diversified setups in the world when it comes to healthcare. Throughout these years, Pfizer has achieved a strong status in the pharmaceutical industry through a very simple and artless icon which only comprises of a blue oval with the word Pfizer written between it.

You have now seen how some of the most leading pharmaceutical companies in the world have uncreative and unexciting brand identities which clearly is a factor for their success. In fact, they have probably been instrumental in helping the companies achieve growth. Pharmacy and lab graphic symbols should focus on the same framework and create logo designs which exhibit a serious attitude instead of a playful one.

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