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How to Make Eye-Catching Personal Trainer Logos

Hence, one of the first considerations when making a personal trainer brand logo is making it different and eye-catching. Some elements can make this happen, along with the right colors and fonts. Read on for some tips on how to make it all come together in a unique and memorable manner:

1. The Philosophy

It's always a good idea to focus on representing the philosophy of your personal training classes, studio, or center through your logo. For instance, you might have the Zen philosophy as your motivating factor. You can hence use a circular symbol with a lotus flower to represent this aspect of your offerings.

2. The Mediums

You also have to consider that your logo would probably be printed on T-shirts, billboards, bumper stickers, sweatbands, etc. hence, you need to have a unique contrast of colors that would be instantly recognizable. A simple golden lotus flower could do the trick if it's not too similar to your competitors' logos.

3. Containing the Name

A personal trainer logo is a powerful advertising tool. People may recognize the symbols you've used, but the logo would be useless if the viewers have no idea of your work. You hence need to incorporate the name of your company onto the logo if you want customers to come to you. For instance, the Dan Graham Personal Training company has used their name in the same green and black colors as the rest of their logo.


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