How To Add Feminine Touch To Boutique Logo For Your Startup

By Aamina Suleman , Jul 20 2021
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You will find logo designs of all kinds, but sometimes we all are looking for specific graphics that deliver certain marketing appeals. In this case, anyone searching for feminine boutique logos can stop by and check out some great inspirations and tips to add a feminine dose to their visual identity.

Tips To Make Your Boutique Logo Feminine

There are ways to design different kinds of business logos, such as for a fashion store or boutique. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to dazzle your boutique’s professional brand identity with elements that give you a ladylike appearance.


Flowers are usually used in designs that don’t want to appear masculine. This is why use floral motifs in the logo to give it a typical womanly feel. You can use Roses or Lilies depending on the type of feeling you want to generate from your boutique brand. To help yourself in picking a flower for your brand, read a bit about them. Do some research and then give a green signal to the designer.

Types Of Flowers You Can Use In Your Boutique Logo:

Roses: Red roses signify love and pink ones represent friendship but rose in general exude positive energy and helps to elevate the mood.

  • Daisies: Daisies symbolize purity and innocence. It is also sign of beauty, love, and fertility. One look at this flower brightens the day.
  • Hibiscus: The hibiscus flower signifies passion, romance, beauty, and femininity. It also symbolizes hospitality and friendship.
  • Amaryllis: The Amaryllis flower stands for determination, strength, and pride. They also mean friendship, love, happiness, and good luck.

Logo Design Tip: Make sure that whenever you use a natural element like flower, you read about what it signifies and how you can use it to illustrate the logo.

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Feminine swirls will beautify your boutique logo instantly. Since there are many designs available, try to use one that looks best with your startup name. Also, if you can then ask the designer to create a custom swirl that represents your business. When working with swirly lines, there a number of ways to place them into a logo composition.

Types Of Motifs You Can Use In Your Boutique Logo:

  • Ornamental motif: A delicate and intricate design with a lace-like appearance embellished with artistically refined motifs or filigree. It is a combinational of floral designs with some other organic lines.
  • Abstract motif:  Such motifs include unrecognizable compositions and forms. Inspirations for cubism art movement can be taken to create such motifs. Shapes can be geometric or irregular.

Logo Design Tip: With motifs, you need to make sure the design looks nice and balanced. Avoid creating motifs that a too complex to decipher.

Below are some examples of motifs for inspiration.

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Studying a bit of font psychology will help you to decide the perfect typeface for your boutique branding. For a feminine look, use a font family that has curves and swirls or is delicate. For simplicity and elegance you can also select a classic serif font. Another technique to use is to pair different fonts. For example, put sans serif and serif font in one logo.

Types Of Typefaces You Can Use In Your Boutique Logo:

Logo Design Tip: You can even customize a font for a brand provided the name is legible, readable, and memorable.

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Colors are very important in brand identity design. For your boutique, make sure that the color palette you make for the logo successfully matches the kind of brand image you want to create. Red, pink, peach and purple are hot colors for feminine boutique logos.

You can also use black, golden, silver, blue, and green. For a successful color scheme, study the psychology of colors in graphic design or use a color palette tools to help with this task.

Types Of Color Palettes You Can Use In Your Boutique Logo:

  • Monochromatic color palette
  • Analogous color palette
  • Complementary color palette
  • Triadic color palette

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Logo Design Tip: When working with colors, make sure you not only study the meanings and uses of colors in design.

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When it comes to illustrations for your boutique logo design, then use befitting vectors. You can place a woman model and show fashion accessories or you can use abstract or living symbols that represent the concept like a heart, wings, crown, shield, butterfly, leaves. To decide what to put in the logo, do some brainstorming.

Types Of Illustrations You Can Use In Your Boutique Logo:

  • The design can look like a hand sketch
  • Logo for your boutique can be flat colored
  • For a trendy look, the boutique logo can be line art
  • The icon or symbol can be paint-brush style

Logo Design Tip: Understand the type of brand image you want to create and then decide what type of illustration will fit best.

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Principles Of Design

Focus on principles of logo design such as symmetry and hierarchy to make your boutique logo design more appealing for audiences and the channel it is being shared through. Using such layout techniques for elements makes the overall graphic design attractive.

Types Of Principles Of Design You Can Use In Your Boutique Logo:

  • Emphasis
  • Alignment
  • Contrast
  • Repetition
  • Proportion
  • Balance

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Logo Design Tip: Study graphic design elements first, such as shapes, lines, and text. Then decide how you will make the layout so it looks great.

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Use clever visual tricks like negative space or make icons using letters. When designing any logo, one has to be creative and original. Instead of making derivative logos, create something that is new. When people see a unique logo design, they become interested in knowing more about the brand.

Types Of Typographic Tricks You Can Use In Your Boutique Logo:

  • Make objects from alphabets
  • Create two visual meanings
  • Use a foreign language
  • Synchronize icons with text
  • Add shadows for visual depth
  • Use unique visual alignments

Logo Design Tip: For a trick to work, you need to brainstorm possible ways the brand name can be designed. Sketching ideas on paper helps, and inspiration does too.

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get a perfect logo design

Design Style

Make sure the logo design of your boutique follows a specific style. Well, feminine is one style but then what kind of femininity? You can make a modern feminine boutique logo or a vintage style design. Also, see to it that you use logo design trends when you can. This just makes you look trendy and up-to-date.

Types Of Design Styles You Can Use In Your Boutique Logo:

  • Modern
  • Vintage
  • Retro
  • Art Nouveau
  • Art Deco
  • Abstract Expressionism

Logo Design Tip: Pick only one style for the logo so that the design is focused and the message you want to convey is not lost.

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Type Of Logo

Decide which type of logo you will make. It can be a lettermark, wordmark, or a combination mark. This is a critical step because once this is done you can move on selecting graphic elements.

Types Of Boutique Logo:

  • Wordmark
  • Lettermark
  • Combination mark
  • Pictorial logo
  • Emblem logo
  • Mascot logo

Logo Design Tip: How to select the right type of logo design for your brand is by looking at the name of your business and what elements will go in it.

Boutique Logo 52
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To make the perfect logo for your boutique brand, you need to spend resources like time and money. The logo design process allows a designer to make a graphic image that will best describe the nature of your business. Know that to create a specific kind of logo design, research is key. Don’t just start designing without knowing what to design and how to design.

Good luck!

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