Which Type Of Logo Design Should You Choose For Your Brand?

By Michael Baker , Feb 11 2021
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With a relevant and appealing logo design, it can become easier to spread awareness about the business and convey your brand values to the consumer. People also build connections with brands through their brand identity designs as they can bring out positive and negative responses from them. Take some of the biggest brands in the world for example like Nike, Apple or Burger King. These companies have made use of pictorials, abstract and combination marks successfully to become globally recognized brands.

When people see their logos, they associate positive feelings and memories with these brands. In the end, the right type of logo design is incredibly important. In order to make a powerful impact with your logo design, focus on choosing an appropriate one for your brand out of these seven.

1. Wordmarks

The wordmark, also referred to as a logotype, is basically the name of a company in certain colors, font and typography which catch the eye instantly. Take eBay for example. It is a wordmark with clear-cut font and typography that instantly appeals to the viewer. Being an e-commerce platform, the company has chosen a logo design that represents it quite well and gives the consumer an idea of what they can expect. When you look closely, you will see how the primary colors with green highlights the different nature of the corporation which was the first ever to host an online auction.

In wordmark logos, the typography, font and colors are highly critical to the design. These are the only elements in the brand logo and can make a lasting impression on the consumer while also sending them the brand’s message. It is how brands and companies such as Zara and FedEx have gained an edge over their competitors. While the fashion brand has opted for creative typography with each letter linking to the other, the delivery service has become famous for the hidden arrow in its wordmark.

ebay Logo
Image Source: wikimedia

Zara Logo
Image Source: wikimedia

Fedex logo
Image Source: 1000logos.net

Should You Choose This?

  • This type of logo mostly suits brands that have short, compact names. So if your company has one that can be easily remembered then you should go for a wordmark.

  • A wordmark is also a good idea for a startup or a recently launched business in the market as it can help people become familiar with it.

2. Lettermarks

In a lettermark logo design, there are only the letters or initials of the company. So it’s quite the opposite of the wordmark, where instead of the full name, you just see the letters. Despite the difference, there are a few common things as well. Lettermarks are also fairly simple so particular attention needs to be given to the typography, color palette and font. Consider a few lettermarks like BBC, BBDO and H&M.

All of these companies have striking logos which immediately grab the attention of the consumer and convey their brand values effectively. The broadcasting network has made its initials recognizable around the globe with the clean typography and the black color which represents dominance in the field. Similarly, BBDO and H&M both have their lettermarks in red to attract their target audience and bring out feelings of excitement and happiness.

BBC Logo
Image Source: Wikimedia

Image Source: bbdo.com

H&M Logo
Image Source: 1000logos.net

Should You Choose This?

  • For law logos and advertising firm logo designs, lettermarks make for great logos as you can choose the initials of each partner or founder and come up with an impressive design.

  • If you have a new company, then you can also go for a lettermark logo as they can be easily used on different digital and print mediums for branding. It is always better to get it professional graphic designers so that the unique brand symbol can look appealing on multiple places like billboards, brochures, website and social media pages.

3. Abstract Marks

Basically, abstract marks are logos which have a shape or an icon representing the brand. With an abstract logo, brands can be quite creative and come up with unique ideas which show what their business is about in the best way possible. Nike is one of the biggest examples of an abstract mark logo and it’s swoosh can be recognized anywhere in a short time. Sports logos, like Adidas and Nike, can benefit from an abstract mark because it can go easily on all the merchandise.

With an abstract mark, you can use various shapes or imagery to create a design which is relevant to your business and doesn’t confuse the consumer. If you take Nike’s swoosh for example, you can see how it stands for accuracy, speed and determination, which are all true to the sportswear brand. Similarly, Spotify’s logo also shows movement and signals that represent the music streaming service. The abstract mark is quite minimalistic with WiFi frequency waves in a green circle that gives it a modern and unique appearance.

Nike Logo
Image Source: wikimedia

Abstract Marks Logo
Image Source: 1000logos.net

Should You Choose This?

  • You can choose this type of logo design to differentiate your brand from the competitors in the market as it can allow you to be as creative as you want.

  • Abstract marks work very well for brands in the technology industry logos since they are minimalistic and can represent such businesses in the right way.

4. Pictorial Marks

A pictorial mark is a logo that has an image which the brand or company can be associated with. Before you get confused, take Apple for example here. The half bitten apple has become an iconic pictorial mark for the company and shows the innovation which the company is known for accurately. Otherwise, it is also believed that the founder of the company, Steve Jobs, loved apples so he chose that as the logo for the corporation.

When it comes to pictorial marks, you have to think about images that are close to the name of the company or able to represent its industry. WWF, the World Wildlife Fund has made use of such a logo to create awareness about the work it is doing and appeal to the audience as well with a panda.

Apple Logo
Image Source: 1000logos.net

WWF Logo
Image Source: wikimedia

Should You Choose This?

  • If you think that your brand can be represented in the right manner with a picture then you can choose this logo design for it.

  • You have a brand name that can be easily represented with an image like any of the examples above.

5. Mascots

These are slightly elaborate logos which feature an illustration of a character that can be used to represent a company or brand. So think of Mr. Peanut, the well-dressed animated peanut holding a cane. Planters, the company was actually made popular with this famous and even today some people may only recognize its product because of the mascot.

Similarly, Kellogg’s is another company that has used the mascot logo to their advantage and caught the eye of the consumers everywhere. Tony the tiger made the cereal produced by the company very popular and attracted a wider consumer base of children and young adults.

Mascots Logo
Image Source: 1000logos.net

Mascots Logo
Image Source: wikimedia

Should You Choose This?

  • A mascot would be ideal for your brand if your target audience is made up of families and young children.

  • You could also choose this to show your company as friendly and energetic.

6. Emblems

With an emblem, there is a detailed design along with the name of the company or slogan as well. Basically, the badges and crests that you come across of educational institute logos are mostly in the form of emblems. Sometimes, companies also opt for emblems to represent their roots, tradition and history. One of the most famous emblems is of Starbucks, which shows the mermaid or siren wearing a crown. It is said to be inspired by a historic Italian character.

There are quite a few companies in the automobile industry that use emblems for car wash logos or auto dealership logos to make an impact and showcase their brand values. Alfa Romeo is one example and so is Ferrari. Both the companies have emblems which tell the story of the brands and highlight their Italian roots.

Emblems Logo
Image Source: carlogos.org

Emblems Logo
Image Source: carlogos.org

Should You Choose This?

  • If you have a brand that is traditional like a wine company then you can opt for this type of logo design. Craft beer logos are also made using a variety of logo design types, such as emblems.

  • Emblems may also represent your security company logo quite well and appeal to the target audience in each sector.

7. Combination Marks

Taco Bell, Adidas and Puma are some of the examples of combination marks. If you see each of these logos, you will realize how the image or icon adds to the appeal of the design. The bell in Taco Bell is closely associated with the restaurant’s name and founder. Both Adidas and Puma have added imagery in their logos to represent power and progress.

taco bell logo
Image Source: wikimedia

adidas logo
Image Source: 1000logos.net

Puma Logo
Image Source: 1000logos.net

Should You Choose This?

  • You can choose a combination mark for your business in any industry and give your audience a clear picture of what your brand is about.

  • If you have a brand that is best represented by two different logo types like beauty logos or apparel company logos, you can combine them effectively.

Wrapping Up

These are the types of logos that you will come across in every field. You can choose a logo design that fits your business the best and can attract your target audience within a highly competitive market. In the end, you want a logo that is versatile, looks good on screen and requires minimal upgrade over time.

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