7 Steps of a Creative Logo Design Process

By Janil Jean , Oct 11 2011
Creative Logo Design Process

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Did you know that almost all professional logo designers have a proper process that they follow? Did you also know that not following a proper process can result in a number of problems?

Some of the problems that you might face if you do not have a proper design process could include losing credibility as a logo designer, missing out on important details (that might appear minor), facing a disgruntled client, being termed as an amateur and more.

To avoid these issues and to be a respected, professional logo designer you need to create a design process.  Need help?  Read on to find out what a creative logo design process is made of.

1. The Creative Brief

Creative Brief

When participating in a project here’s how you should start:

  • Read the creative brief properly.
  • Understand the client’s business, industry and products/services.
  • Ask the client questions if you want to know more his/her services or about the kind of logos that appeal to him/her.

2. Research Process

Creative Research Process

Conduct detailed research regarding the client’s company and industry:

  • Study design elements: the various colors, fonts and design themes used for the client’s particular industry.
  • Research about the client’s competitors to get the feel of the market. Don’t let research be the missing link in your logo design process because it may crumble your whole project.
  • Learn what kind of colors, images or design themes the client wants you to use and what he/she is expecting from the logo design.
  • Research and ask questions to show the client that you are interested in the project and you take it seriously.

3. Start Sketching

Sketching your Design

This is an important step to developing the design concept, something that many designers overlook:

  • Start off by designing your ideas and thoughts on paper. This helps to execute ideas properly.  It also allows you to boost the creative process while you the pay attention to minor details.
  • Check out other industry related logo designs for inspiration, but do not copy. Do not use copied logos, clip art, stock photos or derivative concepts.
  • Sketching allows you to form an idea and come up with original logo design concepts.

4. Digitalizing the Design

Digitalizing the Logo Design

Once you are done with sketching and forming your ideas, you are now ready to take those ideas to the computer:

  • Start creating the logo design using graphics software. Adobe Illustrator is the most popular choice among logo designers.
  • Experiment with various ideas, shapes, angles and colors.
  • Create multiple variations of the logo design keeping in mind the central theme and purpose.

5. Presentation

Design Presentation

Decide how you will present the logo design:

  • Choose colors that do not clash or look too flashy and make sure you use Pantone colors.
  • Decide on the right font for the logo. Depending on the feel of the business, choose a font wisely.
  • Use logo colors that work for your client‘s industry and region. Every industry uses a specific number of colors. While some colors are considered professional in certain industries others can be taken as childish.
  • Consider the color combination the client has given you and learn why it is important for the client that you use those colors.
  • Create a logo design that is scalable and will not lose its touch when resized or printed in one color.
  • Present 2 – 3 best design concepts to your client so he/she will have ample choice.

6. Receive Feedback

Receive Client Feedback

Once the client sends in feedback, take notice and understand:

  • Try to look at things from the client’s perspective and take note of the feedback given.
  • Touch base with the client, provide necessary changes and submit 1 or 2 additional samples (in different colors or font variations) after the initial feedback.
  • Learn from the feedback given to other logo designers by the client. This will give you a better understanding of what the client wants to see in his logo design.
  • Keep submitting changes and edits till the client is fully satisfied.

7. Submit Final Files

Winning Logo Design

If you have been selected as the winner… Congratulations!

As a winner there is just one more step to take before you can go and start celebrating:

  • Finalize the winning logo design files and submit them in proper format.
  • In case of any confusion you can read details about logo design file formats or consult Customer Support.
  • Once the final files have been submitted the project holder will send in the prize money.

Update 31 July 2015

To help you remember the above, we’ve created this infographic which you can use as a checklist. A milestone visual presentation of the whole logo design process like this would greatly help when you are pressed for time, and are swarmed with work. Make your client happy by following through the creative process of logo designing.

Creative Logo Design Milestone

Some logo designers might grunt over this entire process, claiming it to be time consuming.  But if you want to develop a serious career out of designing, its time you haul yourself into a well organized logo design process. Is there anything you would like to add to the process? Do give us your feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

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